Kelly Penuita CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Winnipeg, MB

Servicing: City Of Winnipeg, Headingley, Oak Bluff, St. Anne, Morden, Winkler, Lasalle, Oakbank, Beausejour, Lockport, Selkirk, East St. Paul, West St. Paul, St. Clements, Dugald, Tyndal, Garson

Additional Services: Interior Decorating * Holiday Decorating * Color Consultations * Furniture Placement * Shopping Services * Art Placement & Hanging * Accessory Placement & Display

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Kelly Penuita's Before And After



Spare bedroom

This room had a few extra pieces of furniture which made it feel crowded & a lot smaller then it actually is. After the client removed the few extra items DecoChic Interiors came in & added some accessories & art to complete the look.



Dining area

The client had really great furniture to work with so this dining room just needed a few pieces of art & accessories to add the finishing touch on this dining room.




In this livingroom DecoChic Interiors added lamps, a few accessories & some lighter colored toss cushions & a throw to brighten the dark furniture. The existing art work worked very well it simply needed to be repositioned to be in better relation to the furniture.

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