Lisa Beaupre CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Dartmouth, NS

Servicing: Home Staging, Organizing & Reducing Clutter, Simple Décor & Accessorizing, Space Planning, Professional Consultations & Advice, Optimizing Curb Appeal, Showcasing

Additional Services: Customizable services available upon request

Phone: 902 880 9842

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Welcome to Lisa Beaupre Home Style Solutions, a professional home staging company.

Preparing your house for the market can be an overwhelming and emotional time; choosing the right staging consultant can ease this stress and maximize your home’s selling potential.

Lisa Beaupre Home Style Solutions offers you professional advice to help showcase your home’s true potential to future buyers. We work within your budget and with what you already have in your house - making it look bigger, brighter, and most importantly, make potential homeowners want to buy it.

Our home staging services prepare your house for the market by creating a broad appeal. Our specialty is making buyers feel at home the moment they walk through your front door - in the competitive world of real estate, creating this first impression makes all the difference.

Redesigning your home is a luxury and something few home-owners can afford. However, our affordable style solutions can transform your home into an engaging space – one with a personality as unique as your own.

At Lisa Beaupre Home Style Solutions , we see the potential in every home. Whether you are looking for organization solutions,to revamp your current living space, or maximize your home's selling price and speed of sale; we’ll help your home reach its full potential

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