Lisa Beaupre CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Dartmouth, NS

Servicing: Home Staging, Organizing & Reducing Clutter, Simple Décor & Accessorizing, Space Planning, Professional Consultations & Advice, Optimizing Curb Appeal, Showcasing

Additional Services: Customizable services available upon request

Phone: 902 880 9842

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Lisa Beaupre's Before And After



Putting Life in the Living Room

This neutral space had a lot of great elements but was lacking that extra oomph. Rearranging the furniture, adding accent cushions and a splash of color created a lively, conversational atmosphere.



Big Changes, Small Budget

This master bedroom had a very limited budget, therefore, keeping the original carpet and furniture was essential. A coat of paint, new linens, and using accessories borrowed from around the house gave this space an incredible face lift. Working with what the owner already had and was willing to spend, allowed us to create a warm, relaxing environment without breaking the bank.



Adding Personality

This master bedroom had plenty of space to work with, but not much personality. New end-tables, pillows, and a small couch borrowed from another room, gives this space more interest and flair. These additions create a space that is warmer and gives this master bedroom a more ‘homey’ feel.

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