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2017 Design Trends for Staging and Living$25

Learn what's hot and what's not for 2017. Join Christine Rae and her guest host, award winning CSP International Mentor Liz Connelly for this 1 hour, information packed webinar as they highlight the latest trends for 2017.

This comprehensive webinar provides staging and design professionals with an overview of 2017 color palettes appropriate for staging as well as interior decor. The knowledge provided through this session will help stagers/sellers avoid costly mistakes relating to color, finishes, furnishings, accessories and more.

Participants will learn:

  • 2017 Color Trends for both Staging and Decor

  • 2017 pattern, fabric and wallpaper trends

  • 2017 design trends

  • 2017 accessory trends

  • Trends driven by Millennials

  • Technology trends

  • Lighting trends

  • Flooring trends

  • Kitchen and bath trends

  • What's hot and what's not for 2017

Design trends are constantly changing and evolving and we must stay on top of them to ensure new business. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to get a jump start on the upcoming trend changes for 2017.
2018 Design Trends for Staging and Living$30

Wondering what to add to your furnishings and accessory in 2018? Come to see what's new, what's hot, get a jump-start on your competition and get ahead of trends for the coming season It's a sneak peak of some of the trends you will be seeing at LVFM this year!

In the home staging business it's important to be aware of emerging color and design trends as well as being cognizant of trends on the way out. While the foundation of furnishings utilized in home staging is generally a more neutral palette, the key to creating a "wow" factor that will engage potential buyers is the innovative use of accent colors and accessories.

During this 90 min webinar Christine Rae and her guest speaker, President of INhance IT! Home Staging Liz Connolly CSP, CSPM, VSS, RESA-PRO, HSRA will explore all facets of home decor from paint to wood tones, fabrics to furnishings, kitchens to baths and much more.

Participants will learn:

  • Trends saying "goodbye"

  • Trends here to stay (for now)

  • Hot new trends that are appropriate for home staging

  • Paint color trends

  • Kitchen and bath trends

  • What's trending at market

  • Creating "microzones" in staging

  • Staging for the Millennial market

Join us as we unpack the plethora of 2018 trends and set you in the right direction for your most profitable year yet!
2019 Design Trends$99

In the home staging business it's important to be aware of emerging color and design trends as well as being cognizant of trends on the way out. While the foundation of furnishings utilized in home staging is generally a more neutral palette, the key to creating a "wow" factor that will engage potential buyers is the innovative use of accent colors and accessories. This one and a half hour webinar will unpack the plethora of 2019 trends and set you in the right direction for a profitable year!

Participants will learn:

  • Trends saying "goodbye"

  • Trends here to stay

  • Hot new trends that are appropriate for home staging

  • Paint color trends

  • Kitchen and bath trends

  • What's trending at market

  • New directions in lighting

  • Unique market finds
A Video Angle for Stagers$25

This is an introductory course to get you motivated on why video is important in your business by teaching you the benefits, tactics and schedules to obtain to make interesting videos for your clients and will help sell your services even while you sleep. Video is not going away in fact many social media channels are embracing video and allowing you more ways to connect with people just by pressing play.

Come learn how to be a part of this growing trend. Join Christine Rae and her guest host, staging expert Tori Toth during this 1 hour webinar as you learn why it's important to use video and how this free marketing tactic increases business revenue by capturing soft leads and turning them into clients. By the end of this presentation, everyone will know how to create a You Tube channel, understand the best tools needed to create videos and how to monetize those videos so your business grows with your video archive.

Participants will Learn:
  • The importance of using video

  • How to increase revenues from soft leads

  • How to create a YouTube channel

  • The best tools to create videos with

  • How to monetize your videos
    Boost Business Profits Working with Builders - Investors$149

    Liz Connolly was the Director of Marketing for one of St. Louis' top homebuilders for seven years prior to opening INhance IT! Home Staging (now ranks in the top five staging businesses in North America so you won't want to miss this dynamic, information ladened, practical skills workshop!

    With decades of experience staging over one BILLION dollars of real estate Liz Connolly can show you how this very lucrative area of business can be yours!
    Join her as she shares the secret approach and close for successfully working on multiple projects with Homebuilders! Hint:they are entirely different than your basic resale staging clientele. Builder displays can be especially challenging as they generally require a vast number of furnishings and accessories and tend be there for many months or even years. Lovely to have residual profits pouring in to your coffers; when you receive a recurring check that you can count on each month.

    Re-hab properties are typically just the opposite, not as many furnishings and accessories and they sell very quickly. Many re-hab clients (flippers) seek preferential pricing and/or flexible payment terms. The key to sanity & profitability is maintaining a good balance of real estate staging projects.

    Participants will learn:

    • Identify builders that fit your niche and inventory.

    • Learn to price builder display projects.

    • Specialized language/terms for builder staging contracts.

    • Identifying additional areas of business stemming from builder projects.

    This webinar earns you 2 CEC towards your CSP Masters Designation.
    Build Your Email List to Boost Client Relations & Get More Sales$25

    Want more money? You need more people, more content clicks and it all starts with building an email list. If you have no way to capture potential prospects or maintain customer relations you're missing a valuable opportunity to grow your business. Email lists out-perform social media sites when gaining new customers because your nurturing the relationship that's why building an email list should be your main priority.

    Join Christine Rae for this hour long webinar with her guest host, lead-generation and social media expert Tori Toth. If you didn't get a chance to see Tori Toth speak at the RESA CANADA Convention this year, now is your chance to hear her well-received presentation.

    Since Tori Toth opened Stylish Stagers, Inc. back in 2009 she's been building an email list. She has created a system that nurtured relationships with email from "nice to meet you" to "we'd like to hire you." While Tori still has that local list of agents, recently she's been working on attracting home sellers, as well as real estate agents across the country. In her career, she's used multiple email providers and tactics to attract leads and convert sales (6,000 active subscribers and counting).

    It's not what you know, but who you know and that all starts with building a deep, productive email list. Stop wasting time doing tasks that don't reach results. Learn how to build your list in 30 days with this simple strategy to nurture client relationships.

    Participants will learn:

    • Who Should Be on Your List

    • What's in a Title?

    • Creating Killer Content

    • Which Email Service Provider is Right for You

    • Where to Place Your Opt-In Forms that Will Convert

    • How to Use Auto-Responders that Make an Impact

    • Growing Your List with Social Media
    Choosing and Using Accessories$49

    Less is more but bare is not better. Accessories used correctly create the inviting feel which prompts a buyer to make an offer on a property. Learn how to avoid the beginner stager frenzy of "decorating-staging"; staging for selling requires a good eye and discipline to hold back your penchant for décor as too much "stuff" interrupts the flow and confuses the buyer. Well-positioned accessories add variety and interest as well as creating flow from room to room. Join Christine Rae and her guest Co-Host, 8 year CSP Veteran Bonnie Carter and learn how to choose and use the best ones.

    Participants will learn:

  • How to select the right accessories that can be used over and over again.

  • How to create flow using colour and/or theme

  • How to use all opportunities to purchase accessories at bargain prices

  • How to avoid selecting the wrong accessories

  • How to store accessories

  • How to use artwork to advantage
    Close More Sales; Make More Money$30

    At RESACON 2016, Keynote speaker Jeffrey Gitomer's message was about increasing sales by understanding better what buyers want. He wasn't referring to real estate buyers - he meant buyers of your services.

    Do you know 85% of business success is a direct result of your ability to communicate effectively? If you are even remotely interested in earning more money you have to learn how to close more sales.

    Join CSP Founder and President, Christine Rae for this 90 minute webinar as she teaches the secret that will enable you to relate better to people, target your conversations & close more sales more often. Simply telling people about what you do isn't enough to secure the sales you need to give you the life you want. Telling does not put people in a buying place. You must convey how your service will make a difference in their life.

    Participants will learn:

    • 5 reasons people say NO to you and what to do about it

    • How to check if you are selling to the right people

    • The 4 buyer profiles and what it means to you

    • The 6 Stages of a selling conversation; you can't miss a stage

    • The 6 Stages of the buying process; are you trying to close to soon?

    Many graduates struggle with creating their own contract, even though they think they absorbed the information in class and in the manual so let's review the learning and answer your questions at the same time.

    Participants will learn:
    • An understanding of what the contract is and why it changes client to client

    • Review of all the parts -in detail. what goes where

    • Guide to selecting the policies which protect you best

    • Shake inertia and take control and create a fabulous contract

    Join Christine Rae for this 90 min webinar as she guides you through contract creation.
    Curb Appeal for Selling Property$49

    Do you know there is only a 22% window of opportunity to keep property on the "must see list"?

    WOO factor is critical to raise buyer excitement and alluring "drive-by" appeal can increase saleability factor by six weeks!

    Join Christine Rae as she teaches you crucial tips and processes to help leverage the marketing opportunity of property. Learn how fixed elements play into overall color scheme and which plants work for maximum impact. Also, "why" and "how" rain capture garden elements, xeriscaping and natural processes are marketing leverage and ten must do's for today's outdoor living. This webinar earns you 1 CE credit towards your Masters.
    Downsizing - The Step Before Senior Move Management$48

    Homeowners looking to downsize have become a growing segment of the real estate market. The change in demographics to a more mature population will increase this trend as time goes on.

    Properties that may have once been considered starter homes for first-time buyers are now, also in demand for those looking to scale back and simplify their lives. In many cases, what separates these two distinct buyers is the amount of disposable income available for upgrading these smaller homes.

    This webinar will explore how to start tapping into this emerging sector and create an additional income stream for your home staging business.

    Participants will learn:
  • How to prepare for adding downsizing services to your business model

  • How to sell your downsizing services to clients and business partners

  • How to create simple floor plans

  • How to help your client make their new space work

  • What to do at your client's pre-closing site visit

  • A few ideas on how to repurpose sentimental pieces

  • How to make the most of small spaces

  • How to create helpful forms and checklists to ease your clients through the downsizing process

  • Join Christine Rae and her guest host Charlene Storozuk, owner of Dezigner Digz, 2 time RESA Award winner and Contributing Blogger for REALTOR® Magazine, as they guide you through this exciting niche market. This webinar gains you 1 CEC towards your CSP Masters Certification.
    Feng Shui Fun For Stagers$49

    Feng Shui is the product of thousands of years of observation and understanding about how people are affected by the environments in which they live and work. It is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body, and how to use the energy of our surroundings to nurture and support ourselves.

    Every day, Feng Shui affects your life; understanding and utilizing the power of Feng Shui can transform your life. By understanding Feng Shui basics, stagers can support their project properties in harnessing powerful natural energies to facilitate smoother transactions for both the sellers and the buyers.
    Feng Shui Your Business for Success$49

    Set yourself up to succeed with the universal principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui brings your environment into harmony with your inner self, helping you achieve your goals more easily than ever before.

    From attracting and creating positive energy flow to empowering your business with intention and purpose, learn the Feng Shui essentials to help your staging business succeed. With the best furniture arrangement, colors and decor in your own office, you'll be better prepared to take charge, focus and achieve your most important business goals.

    Knowing the basic principles of Feng Shui also gives you insight into common staging challenges and new ways to overcome them using this ancient art and science.

    Join Feng Shui expert Ann Bingley Gallops and learn to unlock the power of your environment to enhance your staging success.

    Participants will learn:
  • Feng Shui basics for any space

  • De-cluttering tips for improved clarity and flow

  • How to set up your office to maximize productivity and creativity

  • Five Elements essentials: color, shape and texture

  • Website and logo-design basics to attract your ideal client
    Feng Shui Your Life For Business Success$49

    When it comes to business success, the benefits of Feng Shui apply equally well at work and at home.

    A harmonious home environment supports you in every area of your life, including your finances and career. Feng Shui helps you recognize blockages or stuck energy in your home which may be getting in the way of your business growth.

    Feng Shui at home gives you the stable base you need for support and nourishment. As you move ahead in your business Feng Shui helps you keep your intentions clear so you can attract good opportunities and achieve your goals more easily.

    Making the right Feng Shui adjustments in your life opens up energy flow and activates your career possibilities. It can make all the difference to your success.

    Join Christine Rae and her guest, Feng Shui expert, Ann Bingley Gallops to learn the Feng Shui principles, techniques and adjustments you need to set yourself up every day to create career success before you even get to the office.

    Participants will learn:

  • How the state of your home affects your business

  • The parts of your home that have the biggest impact on your career and financial success

  • How to recognize blockages and open up channels of energy in your home

  • How to use Feng Shui's key tools to maximize your ability to focus and be creative and productive in your work

  • Client success stories that show you how Feng Shui works in real life
    Fire Up Your Business $30

    *Do you make resolutions every New Year?
    *Lose weight?
    *Get healthy?
    *Spend time with family?
    *Plan alone time?

    Well it is resolution time for YOUR business. Join CSP International Founder and President Christine Rae for an exciting new, fast paced, 90 min learning experience with a focus on putting money on your bottom line!

    If your staging business isn't generating as much income as you want and need then it is time to do something different. You may ask is it worth your time and your money to take this webinar; let me ask you this: if you learn just one thing which will turn your business around, increase your profits, lower your stress - won't it be worth it?

    Working on your business, and investing in your business are vital component of business success. Christine Rae is a visionary, industry leader who literally wrote the book on staging but more importantly has extensive business experience for you to leverage. Join her for this 90min, inspiring, info-packed webinar and let CSP International light a fire under you.

    Participants will learn:

    • Three success strategies to implement immediately

    • Secrets to pricing right

    • What you need to know to close the sale

    • Answers to your questions + more
    From Rejection to Revenues$49

    Rejection, or the fear or feeling of rejection, can be one of the fastest ways to take yourself out of being successful.

    The greater tragedy is that you will not be able to help the people who are looking for you if you are worrying about disapproval, judgment or rejection.

    If you want to know how rejection, or the fear of it, has been holding you back in business AND how to harness that energy to actually make it work FOR you, this is the audio that you don't want to miss!
    Greening Your Business Will Improve Your Bottom Line$25

    Learn how the "Green" industry growth impacts business, life, clients and home! Christine Rae makes it interesting and easy to understand how the simplest changes that you make to the way you live, will help the earth, your family and your business. Also learn about a earning and leveraging the Certified EcoProfessional designation to build credibility with your client base.
    Habits for Highly Effective Staging Entrepreneurs$30

    We have all heard the wisdom of Einstein who said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"; which is true! However, when you repeat highly effective processes enough times to make them habit your business success escalates. Changing habits to improve what we are is a process; there isn't a magic bullet but you will see results if you are willing to put in the effort.

    Join best-selling author, RESA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Christine Rae for this 60 min webinar where she shares 10 habits will help secure your success.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to save yourself countless wasted hours

    • Effectively plan for your success

    • Learn the power of the words you say and how it affects your business

    • What to do to become strong and renew your spirit

    As President and CEO of CSP International Business Training Academy Christine is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and during this information packed webinar she will share insightful habit forming disciplines to make your own business success assured
    How Instagram can Enhance your Marketing Strategy $25

    Social Media is increasingly becoming more visual, mobile and "in the moment". Instagram captures all that. With a growing popularity among consumers and brands, Instagram has taking marketing back to story-telling, and how do you tell your story?

    Before you set up your Instagram account, what are you going to be posting to be effective?

  • Are you photos professional quality?

  • What Is your product or service?

  • Are you offering videos?

  • Do you know what hashtags are out there to use and gain traction in the market?

  • What mix of these items will be effective?

  • Social Media Marketing ask so many questions for good reason. If you aren't staying true to your brand and image, how can someone get excited about your business?

    Get the skinny on Instagram and the foundation to start building a successful Instagram strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy.

    Participants will learn:

  • Getting started with your account

  • Knowing where to look to join the larger conversation

  • Creating a few campaigns that will get your set-up

  • Enhance your strategy with 2 additional applications
    How to Make a $100 000 in a Year: Pricing and Getting PAID$49

    Pricing Business, Discussing Price, Getting paid and anything else you need to know to make $100,000 this year!

    Participants will learn the 3 main components which make up your fee and how to figure them out, multiple pricing options, using your established fee to forecast annual income and how to achieve it and how to ask for the money.
    How to Take Photos That Sell Your Staging Services$30

    Do your marketing photos truly represent your work? Unleash the power of your visual marketing with photos that sell your style.

    Are your DIY marketing photos leaving you frustrated or even embarrassed because they simply do not reflect your work, style or brand?

    You can be your own photographer and still get amazing shots with limited equipment, without being a pro or a large equipment investment.

    Once you understand how to capture photos and a space in the right way for your business, you can quickly and easily create the right visual content, sell your service and expand your brand's visibility and status.

    Participants will learn:

    • What equipment you'll need to take great photos (without spending thousands of dollars)

    • How to frame your photo like a pro

    • How to light it up - for under $100

    Join Christine Rae and her guest host, photography and media expert, Greg Tilley, for this 1 hour webinar which will include time for a Q&A session after the webinar. Greg currently provides photography and media services to the top 2% of Real Estate Teams in Ottawa, ON Canada. Come learn how to inspire clients and make more money from the best.
    Increase Profits by Greening your Business$25

    Learn the who, what, when and why this exploding niche market applies to your business and what you can do about it.
    Increase Your Profits by Working With Builders$30

    • Do you want to consistently have builders as a part of your portfolio?

    • Do you want a healthy business segment from this niche?

    • Unsure of the "How"?

    This webinar helps you take on the challenge of working with builders by reviewing, step by step, how to make this strategy come alive. Steps include understanding your budget allotment for this new initiative and writing a detailed plan for spending. Even when budgeting seems difficult there are ways to put trust in an estimate based on trends from your occupied staging jobs. You will walk away with a comfort level doing this. Maybe you see other stagers building their inventory and making vacant staging a priority but you just don't know how to approach it or there's a fear that's dissuading you. I think many stagers have that same collective sentiment. Likewise, managing your budget can be even trickier so we will dive into how best to forecast to not take on too much debt when expanding.

    Another consideration when adding vacants/builders to your portfolio is maintaining the perfect space allocation; when to expand, when not to expand. Evaluating all of your options, along with understanding timing is a logical next step.

    The last stage of preparation is getting to know the builder in order to determine your pricing and contracting. At the conclusion, once all the steps are laid out, you will be able to initiate a solid builder strategy with the utmost of confidence.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to prepare a budget and allocate funding prior to approaching a builder

    • How to plan for appropriate inventory purchases and space allocation

    • How to understand the builder's position and close the sale

    Join Christine Rae and her guest host, owner of Home Perfect Design and Vacant Staging Specialist Laurie Slater, MBA, CSP, VSS for this 1 hour, information packed webinar where they will help you take the leap into this lucrative field without getting in over your head. Learn how to approach, how to plan and budget too!
    Learn How Buyers Buy and How to Adapt Your Presentation to Secure Sales$29

    Learn how to create an irresistible offer to the four buying styles and doing the math to calculate the results you can achieve through your marketing efforts. This is a must-attend if you desire to make your marketing magnetic to your potential clients.
    Managing The Seller and Agent During a Consultation$29

    One of the stumbling blocks of many stagers is overcoming the challenge of an agent or seller saying "no" or not agreeing with the stager. The stager then feels powerless to make the changes necessary for fear of offending the client or losing the business. Learning how to communicate the message and be in control of the process is the key to ongoing profit making opportunities. Join industry expert, Christine Rae for this 90 minute "game changing" webinar.

    Participants will learn:

    • A proven process to provide you with a step by step process to complete the consultation

    • Language to communicate the message

    • How to overcome roadblocks to successful consultations
    Marketing To A Farm: Real Estate Agent Marketing$25

    When you think of real estate farming are you thinking of the those old-days agent who "claimed their territory"? Or can you see all those bus benches with "neighborhood expert" and that same agent's face in your mind's eye?

    Yes, marketing to a farm was like that in the past, but as the old ads say, "it's come a long way baby" and it should be something you consider adding to your marketing mix.

    Join Christine Rae and her guest Real Estate Marketing Expert, Tara Jacobsen for this AMAZING, information packed, hour long webinar as they help build those incredibly important agent/stager relationships, which are crucial to business growth while also teaching you useable marketing tools. Many agents in attendance have in fact been sponsored by their favourite stagers, so this promises to be a super fun mix of attendees.

    Participants will learn:

  • what exactly a farm is

  • how to choose a profitable farm by using real numbers

  • low tech ways to farm

  • middle of the road ideas

  • high tech marketing

  • creative farming ideas

  • questions and answers

  • This will be a full-on, take-notes-the-whole-time marketing extravaganza! This webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants, so even if you can't attend live be sure to REGISTER NOW to ensure a spot!
    Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations with Sellers$49

    Home Stagers, do you want to grow your business and Increase your profitability?

    The key to success in the home staging business starts with your consulting expertise. Having talent and knowing what home sellers need to do is frankly, just not enough to guarantee business success. How you present yourself and your recommendations will determine your effectiveness. After all, it isn't enough just to tell sellers what they should do, to be truly effective your recommendations should lead to implementation and a successful sale. Skillful communication is an art, but it is one that can be learned, practiced and perfected.

    Join internationally recognized and award-winning home staging expert, Nairn Friemann as she teaches her simple 10-step signature system for "Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations with Home Sellers."

    Over her many years in this business, staging and marketing over $700 000 000 in real estate Nairn was able to develop this market proven system which will increase your expertise and the value you can add to any real estate agent team. You will be in high-demand and will be able to significantly expand your staging opportunities and business profitability.

    Participants will learn:

    • Nairn's 10-Step Signature System for Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations with Home Sellers

    • Three "Magic Words" you need to use when addressing sensitive issues with home sellers

    • Effective professional home stager verbiage to use in all your consultations and meetings with real estate agents and home sellers

    This webinar is worth 1 CEU towards your Masters.
    Maximize Every Staging Project: Increase Your Revenue, Control the Process and Deliver even more Amazing Results than You Already Do!$47

    Have you ever shown up at a property on staging day to find the renovation work that should be completed... is still in process? or on Staging Day you realize that even though the house has been completely transformed there's no cohesiveness to the materials used by the investor in the makeover? You know what I mean... you walk in mouthing W-T-H?! or even worse, you're constantly asked to help choose the paint colors, the tile, the flooring, the backsplash and the counters, but you're not getting paid extra for your expertise?

    If you're nodding yes, yes, and OMG, yes, then this webinar is exactly what you need right now. Yes, right now, but you'll have to wait until Saturday, September 22 at 11:30AM ET to get all the juicy details.

    Pour a coffee and settle in for 2 hours and you'll learn:

    • Why Renovation management is a great complement to your Staging business

    • Learn to identify the different types of projects & which ones are best for you to offer to your clients

    • Learn the roadmap to a successful renovation and the mistakes to avoid and an overview of how to implement it into your business.


    • You're no longer willing to let Realtors control your schedule and the outcome of your Staging projects

    • You recognize the game changing profits (and control) that adding this service offering will bring for your business

    • You're ready to dive in and learn the key concepts and strategies needed to implement this into your business right away

    Painting 101: Choosing and Using$30

    You have seen people re-purposing accessories and furniture on social media and now you think you have found a project, now what? Should you use flat paint or enamel? Maybe stain it or acrylics or maybe something fun like chalk paint?!? This 90 min. webinar will put fun into getting expert advice for choosing the right paint product for your project.

    Following a process takes away stress, keeps you on task and just plain makes any project fun that's why Painting 101 will start you at the very beginning. Join Christine Rae and her special guest Lynelle Hartman, re-user, renovator, painter, up-cycler, stager, stylist, color consultant and educator extraordinaire as she discusses what products are available, how to choose the right one for your project and what tools are needed to make the project easier and give you the best results. The class will be filled with real life examples, some shortcuts, tips and tricks for making the job fun and easy. We will teach you steps in surface preparation, paint application and how to obtain optimum performance from a variety of products. The right tools make every job easier and even the best ways to use sanding tools, paint brushes, foam brushes/rollers and staining rags.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to choose the right product for your project

    • Simple repairs: "Can this piece be saved?"

    • Step by step prep and application process.

    • How to your give new life to your accessories

    • Projects include large pieces and small impact pieces

    • Uses for a variety of paints and stains including; oil, latex, chalk, chalkboard, lacquer, artist acrylics, spray paint and specialty mixes

    • Secrets and special effects like Martha Stewart's Ebonizing Finish

    Lynelle loves to learn and share from her own experience and wholeheartedly believes we can all create beautiful pieces and spaces. This webinar is full of great info you will not want to miss this one!!
    Pricing your Products & Services for a Premium Market$30

    Learn how to implement ONE FORMULA that will ensure you competitively price your products and services to meet the demand of the intended target audience. It is often one of the most underrated steps in the market placement process, especially in the concept and start-up phase. We call it the Productivity Model.

    Participants will learn:

  • How to develop a pricing strategy that works

  • How to attract the RIGHT audience which will create a demand for your products and services

  • Price your products without the guess work

  • During this 1 hr webinar, Christine Rae's guest host, international business consultant & real estate investment expert Carol Sankar will show you how her "Productivity Model" takes the guesswork out of pricing products and services to attract premium level clients.

    Don't miss this AMAZING opportunity! This webinar will change the way you do business!
    Professional Business Policies and Streamlined Staging Proposals$30

    This information-packed webinar will focus on two important aspects of any home staging business.

    Part 1 will discuss streamlining your staging proposal in order to spend less time preparing your staging quotes.

    Part 2 will look at developing staging company business policies, to help you assess your current policies and what you may want to consider adding to them.

    For example:

  • What do you require of your clients and what is the best way to enforce it?

  • How do you ensure that a client's property is "Stage Ready" and what do you expect?

  • How do you collect payment? How much notice do you require to de-stage a property?

  • Do you have final say in every staging design?

  • How do you handle liability, damage, publicity release, cancellation and rescheduling policies?

  • Join Christine Rae and her guest, Owner of Synergy Management Group and Co-Owner of Synergy Staging, David Peterson for this incredible hour long webinar as they guide you through developing and reviewing the business policies for your staging company and streamlining your staging proposals.You will come away with important tips for operating your staging business as well as many ideas about how to succeed with more confidence and profitability.

    Participants will learn:

  • How to Streamline their Staging Proposals in order to be more efficient

  • Recommended Business Policies and Practices for their Staging Companies

  • How to manage clients, payments, insurance and many other aspects of your business
    Selling To Real Estate Agents: 7 Fatal Mistakes Stagers Are Making And How To Fix Them$30

    You know that Real Estate Agents are great sources of staging referrals, but it seems like they won't even give you the time of day. Find out how to avoid losing out on these lucrative referral clients.

    Join Christine Rae and her guest Real Estate Marketing Expert, Tara Jacobsen for this hour long webinar as they teach amazing and actionable tips you can use immediately to start getting agents to work with you! This webinar will walk you through common mistakes stagers make when selling to agents and explain the exact pitfalls to avoid.

    Participants will learn:

  • Why Realtors always blow you off without listening to a word you say

  • How to battle that horrible phrase, "I have a stager I work with already"

  • How to laser focus in on just the agents who can give you a steady stream of customers

  • What they need to know about you to give you a shot

  • The one phrase every other stager uses that is guaranteed to turn any Realtor off immediately

  • And much, much more

  • No boring old ideas! These are cutting edge strategies that are working in the field TODAY! This webinar promises to change how you look at Real Estate Agents and their lucrative referrals.
    Sequence your Success for Predictable Transformation and Results$49

    Stagers (and business owners) at any phase of business growth must think strategically and take practical action in progressive order to be successful in their business-building efforts.

    Since 1998, Lynn Scheurell has helped thousands of business owners experience leveraged results by sequencing their business success with an integrated perspective.

    Participants will learn:
  • The unique marketing challenges you face in growing your expert-based business

  • How to organize your business progressions in the right order to create 'value syntax'

  • What happens when you apply the principles of conscious business success in every facet of your business

  • How to identify your ideal client and voice (language you use)

  • How to turn knowledge into revenues

  • How to systematically build an expert platform

  • Lynn is the business Catalyst who can show you how to organize your work and your conversation with clients in a progressive way to engage them and get predictable results -for both your client and for your bottom line- starting today.
    Staging for Millennial Buyers$49

    As is the case with any social group, Millennials not only have challenges but also many assets as they are joining the work force in large numbers.

    New household also means two incomes however most have maxed their savings to afford the dream house mortgage.
    More often than not, they don't have the monthly cash flow to make changes once they have moved in; they don't have the skills to do the work
    and they are not motivated to learn them. Which means Sellers of residential property need to up the game to be considered buyable for the "turn-key" millennial.

    Stagers need to know the wants, needs, desires, and buying preferences of these young men and women, in order to make solid recommendations to the seller if they want to get top dollar for their property.

    Participants will learn:

    • As buyers, what are Millennials' values, career goals, leisure/lifestyle aspirations?

    • What are the most desired features of property that best reflects a Millennial's ideal lifestyle?

    • What major features do they view as assets in selecting a property to purchase?

    • What major features do they view as detriments in buying a property?

    • What about Mom and Dad? And their influences?

    • Many Millennials are taking advantage of their parents' generosity in providing down payments. How will this affect how property is staged?

    • With this knowledge in hand, how can we help sellers take their older family homes and transform them into a Millennial's dream property?

    This webinar earns you 1 CEC towards your CSP Masters Designation.
    Staging the Outside$25

    Everyone knows Staging is the best short term investment a seller can make. What is often overlooked is how important the whole outside is to property sales. Whether it is an apartment balcony or a large back yard everywhere the buyer looks; the sale begins. Stop missing selling opportunities from not capitalizing on the biggest trend to affect real estate sales in a decade.

    Join me, Christine Rae Founder and President of CSP International for this information packed 90 minute session and find out how to maximize a property's financial potential from the OUTSIDE. This webinar earns you 1 CEC towards your CSP Masters.

    Participants will learn:

  • Consumer trends for outdoors

  • What is driving the trends

  • Why you need to know

  • Garden Ideas and ROI

  • Stats, Tips, Trends

  • Solutions to increase the WOO and WOW factors to sell property

  • Ten must-do's
    Talk is NOT Cheap: How To Master Group Sales $25

    Whether you are new to home staging or a seasoned professional, the answer to growing your business exponentially may not be what you think. Bar none, the fastest way to grow your Staging business is by selling to groups of your ideal prospects; but do you know the best strategies for finding, gathering and selling to groups? If not, you are suffocating your revenue potential without even realizing it.

    During this dynamic, 90 minute session, top-selling For Dummies author Jan Saunders Maresh will introduce you to her proven system that has produced over $1,000,000 in personal sales; all from doing group talks using a specific and proven formula.

    During this powerful presentation you will discover:

    • Exactly how to find and gather groups of your ideal clients easily and cheaply

    • The six components for creating a talk that consistently converts leads into buyers

    • How to craft your offer so a percentage of every group ALWAYS does business with you (Psssst... don't miss a step or it will cost you!)

    • And much more

    Even if you suffer from stage fright or you have spoken to groups in the past with dismal results, this presentation will show you what is really possible through group selling and will change the course of your staging business.

    In Jan's own words, "My most impressive career achievement has been mastering the challenge of creating and running a sustainable one-person service business. When I finally developed a system for smoothing out the financial ups and downs by selling to groups, I knew I needed to share this system with other like-minded professionals. I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to."
    Ten Ways To Woo Realtors So They Work With You Every Time$25

    You hear it all the time, "Just call some Realtors and see if they will recommend your services to their clients." Realtors and stagers should be like two peas in a pod. You make their houses beautiful and they sell them faster for happy homeowners, but somehow it feels like they won't listen to all the great reasons to hire you!

    Join Christine Rae and her guest Real Estate Marketing Expert, Tara Jacobsen for this hour long webinar as they teach actionable steps you can use to attract their attention and increase the number of Realtors who refer you EVERY TIME.

    They will teach you how to cut through the red tape that seems to keep Realtors on guard, what to say once they notice you, how to become a trusted advisor and more! (including one really powerhouse idea that will get you in front of SO many more Realtors than you ever dared imagine!)

    Participants will learn:

  • How to find agents who are happy to work with you

  • Marketing tips and tricks to get Realtors referring you
    The Secret Language of Realtors: Learn how to Collaborate with Agents$35

    From the Realtor point of view. Understanding how Realtors think, act and what drives their business can improve and grow your business. Join Christine Rae and her guest, Realtor for 34 years, Terrylynn Fisher as they share tips and insights to better relationships toward your success with your Realtor partners.
    The Why and How of Social Media Marketing$25

    These days it's not enough to just post on Social Media. Your fans and followers are looking to have their experience enhanced on social media, otherwise they don't see value. Which in turn makes the business ask why am I using social media.

    So what are you posting online to provide them with value they can use?

    Approaching Social Media from a new perspective will allow you to see and understand the ROI your business gets out of Social Media.

    Join Christine Rae and her returning guest, Social Media Expert and Owner of The Fresh Idea Group Jason Freshly for this information packed webinar where they will focus on social media by not only audience participation, but case studies to see effectively and ineffectively social media. Jason will evaluate and navigate various platforms to understand what works, who's on the platform, and why you should be too.

    Participants will learn:

  • The value in customized marketing via social media that grabs customers attention

  • How to showcase yourself and your business to your clients(past, current and future) as a leading expert in your industry

  • How to get set up with an action plan you can reference for the long term

  • Ways to maximize time with social media by automating the process

  • Social Media Marketing is a long term effort and strategy that takes time and consistency. Being effective on Social Media is key to long term growth. By turning social media into a series of systems, you can implement those systems into your current business practices. Social Media & Digital Marketing starts with an ideal client & your strategy. If you have those, the rest falls into place.

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    Last year I enrolled in a staging program which was very widely advertised and cost a little less than the CSP 3 Day Course. You know that saying “You get what you pay for”…?

    I had heard great things about the organization by alumni as well as have had great discussions and assistance from Liz and Linda. They have always been there to answer any and all my questions, they are polite and super efficient…

    I am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing…

    Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three-day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City…

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