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From the Realtor point of view, what are their days like and are they the gatekeeper of the transaction? A Realtor is responsible to keep all of the parties moving in the same direction to conclusion (closing a home or buying a home). Think about what that means...really. It means before introducing a trade or facilitator into the closed client group, they must TRUST you, have confidence in your ability and know that you are up to the task. Just as in any business, one bad experience reflects on the Realtor for future business and referrals. This is their livelihood we are talking about. How can your knowledge about Realtors take your business from a one time job to a career? AND why to have a Realtor as a "partner" and reap the benefits of more business for both you and the Realtor?

Participants will learn:

  • A day in the life of a Realtor

  • The meaning of the language

  • How to get through closed doors

  • How and why to partner

  • What you bring to the partnership

  • What they bring to the partnership

  • Script for clients that will guarantee success
Price: $35

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Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three-day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City…

I don’t know where to start. It was a fantastic class; it was such a pleasure to meet Christine and Lynelle…It was a lot of information in 3 days! I am happy and thrilled that I took this class – Thanks to everbody for their help!! Sincerely, Mira B. Mississauga, ON

I am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing…

I had heard great things about the organization by alumni as well as have had great discussions and assistance from Liz and Linda. They have always been there to answer any and all my questions, they are polite and super efficient…

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