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Social Media is increasingly becoming more visual, mobile and "in the moment". Instagram captures all that. With a growing popularity among consumers and brands, Instagram has taking marketing back to story-telling, and how do you tell your story?

Before you set up your Instagram account, what are you going to be posting to be effective?

  • Are you photos professional quality?

  • What Is your product or service?

  • Are you offering videos?

  • Do you know what hashtags are out there to use and gain traction in the market?

  • What mix of these items will be effective?

  • Social Media Marketing ask so many questions for good reason. If you aren't staying true to your brand and image, how can someone get excited about your business?

    Get the skinny on Instagram and the foundation to start building a successful Instagram strategy as part of your overall marketing strategy.

    Participants will learn:

  • Getting started with your account

  • Knowing where to look to join the larger conversation

  • Creating a few campaigns that will get your set-up

  • Enhance your strategy with 2 additional applications
    Price: $25

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