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  The CSP™ program certainly exceeded my expectations. I had been successfully staging for about 9 months after graduating in the ASP course. I found that the information in the CSP™ program was exactly what I needed at this stage of my career. Extensive details about furniture placement and colour selection as well as informative discussions about dealing with clients make this course everything that future stagers need to begin their own business.
Christine shared personal experiences that made the content come alive. Thanks for 3 power packed days!

Bonnie Carter, CSP™
Barrie, ON
  The material was presented in an interesting and professional manner. Christine was extremely motivating.
I feel the program gave the information and tools necessary for me to feel confident enough to assess a home and provide and accurate consultation. I know that if I have any questions, I can contact CSP for the support I may need.
There was so much material covered in such a short time, the 3 days just flew by. I am so looking forward to starting my new business and learning all there is to learn about staging!
Thank you so much Christine!!

Carol Krell, CSP™
London, ON
  I learned everything from A-Z! I was very satisfied. The hands-on approach is something that you can't teach - it absolutely helped to physically stage a home that is on the market.

Jennifer Lynn Trottier, CSP™
Eighty-Four, PA
  "When I first saw the course advertised I thought it was a great idea. I had seen other on-line courses but none that offered the classroom teaching and more importantly the hands-on staging day! I also considered not doing the course, saving the course fee and setting up business anyway. That would have been a huge mistake! The business and marketing skills learned from the course are proving invaluable!The course was very intense with long days and evenings and the staging day was fantastic. All the girls on the course were great and we all worked really hard to have the staged house completed on time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.
The course really gave me the motivation to get "SA Homestyling" off and running within a few weeks. We have already done a consultation and showcasing and have another consultation this week. This would not have been the case without this course. Thank you ASCP! Sharon Auger, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Sharon Auger, CSP™
Brighton, SA
  "I am a recent graduate of the inaugural Certified Staging Professional™ course that was held in Sydney in February 2009 and loved every minute of it!
I found Janne (director of ACSP) to be extremely helpful prior to the course commencing and, of course, post the graduation, assisting with any questions that I had.
The course itself exceeded all my expectations because:
1)It is currently the only hands-on course that is offered in Australia
2) It is a 3 day course that is structured around “key ingredients” that are tried and tested and work (internationally)
3)It is the only certified course within the industry, offering small business owners that additional credibility
4)It too has a code of conduct – which enables you to stand out from the crowd and competitors within the industry
5)We were instructed by the fabulous Christine Rae, who if the founder of CSP in North America, who shared with us invaluable tips and advice which enhanced the actual modules provided.Having done copious amounts of research into the possible ways to enter the industry I am thrilled I chose this course and certainly can recommend it."
Donia Trethewey-Brown, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Donia Trethewey-Brown, CSP™
Mt. Eliza, VIC
  "I thoroughly enjoyed the Australian Certified Staging Professional course. While it was intense it gave me the tools I need to really take my current home staging business up to the next level. The resources and support received are invaluable tools for anyone who is starting or has started abusiness in the field of home staging. It helped me consolidate and really give me a clear vision of where I want my business to go. I would recommend the course to anyone interested. There is no other course that I know of that gives you the hands on experience of staging a home that is currently on the market, that is an invaluable lesson in itself. Thanks"
Marienne Guberina, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Marienne Guberina, CSP™
Collaroy, NSW
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