“It is my pleasure to share with you my excellent experience with Christine’s CSP training in Home staging. I am based in Prague, Czech Republic. I took trip from central Europe to Florida to take this training and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions in my life and worth every dollar that I spent (for training and travel). Today approximately year after training I am having great success implementing home staging practice in my real estate business. My main expectation for this training was to find out how to do home staging and very appealing was the “practice day”. The rest of the program I thought would not be that interesting for me since I know a lot about it. BUT I learned so much more!!! So, if you are thinking, if this is good training for you, – YES it is – GO for it!! And thank you Christine very much!”

-Daniela Kuzmova, Adamik Partners

“CSP International is The most comprehensive and detailed staging academy out there. Expert knowledge through tried and true experience in the industry, incredible Work ethics and standards surpassing private business and the application of Staging and design concepts established by the instructor and founder, Christine Rae ( a remarkable woman) make CSP the most logical staging destination . CSP International is the complete staging academy where stagers are educated in strategic marketing, the industry, business practices, establishing your staging business, staging properties as an investment and staging vacant properties and staging for living. I recommend this academy to anyone looking to hire a truly competent Stager and to decorators/designers who are looking to be certified in staging and want to feel truly prepared before launching their business and have access to valuable resources and guidance afterwards. I recently made the decision to attend CSP and it was the most valuable resource and decision, and most definitely worth the investment.”

–Annette Mastracci, Feels Like Home

“Hands down, by far, the best decision I made! Taking the staging course at CSP has catapulted my staging business in a way that I never thought possible. I am so much further ahead than I had ever anticipated. The best part is that as a graduate you gain access to CSP resource centre that has absolutely everything you need to start your business and it’s all at your fingertips, Literally! That in itself in invaluable. Not only is Christine Rae known as the leading expert in the Real Estate Staging industry but she is also the President and CEO of her own Academy, CSP International. CSP is the largest global source that Realtors turn to for finding highly trained and certified staging professionals. That in itself was pretty impressive, but to me what’s most impressive is that despite Christine’s extremely busy and hectic schedule, she is never too busy to take a call from one of her students!! She is always available for ongoing support and encouragement and that alone is worth every penny that I invested in the course at CSP. She genuinely cares about her students and their success. I highly recommend CSP international Training Academy, you CANNOT go wrong!”

-Emily Moura-Moynes, Elite Staging House

“OMG! That was an intense weekend …but amazing! I am now feeling rested and starting to focus on the next phase of what I need to do. I’m so glad to have trained under Christine she has a vast knowledge and invaluable experiences. She is a class act, with great (and relatable) systems. I love that and her dedication to ensure that we are all successful. I did my research on training programs (started about 8/9 years ago) and always went right back to CSP…so glad I did. I can’t wait to get going! I’m very, Very, VERY glad I did make the trip to Florida and was “away” from my everyday life/routine. I was able to solely concentrate on the training and I graduated with honors J wheewww!!! Truly I’m so glad it worked out the way it did and I will be looking into other training courses with CSP in the near future.”

-Tonya Pearson, Phoenix, AZ

“While I was on my way to our CSP training on November 3rd, I was pondered several things during my drive. Would I get my money’s worth out of this program? Had I made a huge mistake. Could this program really teach me something that I didn’t already know?
I’ve just come up for air after our class work, hard day of staging, trip home and catch up from my real estate work. All I can say is that I was absolutely wowed by your instruction and the power of this course. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to auditing with you again in San Diego in the future.
I give you folks a 10! It was grueling and relentless, but I loved every minute of it. I’m excited and looking forward to expanding my staging business. You were worth every cent!
You serve as a model of excellence in all that you do and touch… Thanks for being a key for me. The key to a rewarding addition to my real estate business. Looking forward to our paths crossing again.”

Roxanne Wortham Brown, REALTOR®
Tonnesen Team Member
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices NV Properties

“Christine, I have to reach out and thank you! The cob webs have cleared and I am so excited to start the journey, thanks to you, the knowledge and expertise you have and have so gracefully shared is invaluable. Your course taught me to really watch and listen to everyone around us. Tips from all who shared this journey. Every member has a different and inspiring idea for a space. Thank you again it was amazing, exciting and exhausting haha. Thank you!”

-Yours truly, Valerie ell

“Wow! I was completely blown away by Christine’s CSP training program. I am the owner of one of the nation’s top 5 ranked staging companies and have been staging homes for over 10 years! I never knew what I didn’t know! Christine’s comprehensive course materials cover every aspect of the real estate staging business. I just finished sharing many of the processes with our operations manager and we are implementing them immediately! We have definitely been leaving money on the table and are excited to see the results! I would recommend this program to anyone considering starting a staging business and to any one who currently is working in home staging. This class will truly transform your business. The investment will pay for itself 10 fold! Thank you Christine!”

-INhance IT! Home Staging

“The first house I staged sold over asking last night!! Put on the market at $339K and sold 9 days later for 400K! The happiness I feel is so indescribable!! I just want to thank you so much for BEING CHRISTINE RAE! I don’t think I could ever have done this without your guidance and amazing program! CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE PROJECTS! The real estate agent wants to work with me too !! WOOHOO!

Thanks again Christine!! 🙂 You are awesome!”

Yzabelle Sanico, CCSP

“Yesterday I was listening to and reviewing some of the information from the “FastTrack Business Package”, it occurred to me how much thought went into putting this package together. I felt I needed to say Thank You to you and your Team. All the information taught in the class and provided in this package has given me the confidence I need to start this new chapter in my life. And the times I have called the office, Koryna, Tim, Jessica or Linda have been very courteous, helpful and willing to go that extra mile. I know the mountains it takes to start and build a company, our Software company was built with a Team, with Staging I thought I was on my own, I realize I am not. There is a whole Team at CSP International Training Academy behind me.”

-Cynthia Delve CCSP Victoria, BC

“This course is the BEST of the BEST!!! I have taken 2 other staging courses previously: one at Humber College and the other with a USA competitor of CSP. Neither of these 2 courses equipped me adequately for running a business. As I got bogged down writing a business plan, the FEAR factor set in. CSP’s complimentary webinar on the subject, “ is Fear stopping you…” got me confronting the obstacles and ultimately got me to take the program. Now, I’m on track and enthusiastic to get going. The strengths of this program are teaching sound business practice, teaching staging as a process, the trainers vast experience in the business, very efficient and effective support staff, credible examinations that actually make the designation meaningful, the Hands-on staging experience and VERY IMPORTANT after graduation the opportunities for mentorship and continuing education. Keep up the good work! Need I say more?”

-Jean M. Jones CCSP Toronto, ON

“I recently had the pleasure of attending the 3 day CSP training program taught by Christine Rae in Toronto. I had been back and forth about taking this course for quite some time. I had completed home staging training elsewhere a few years ago. After taking a couple of webinars offered by CSP, I decided to register and go for it! Best decision ever! In those 3 information filled days, I learned so much from Christine! The course not only teaches staging, it teaches the business side of running a staging company. The in-class lessons, the Day 3 practical on site staging training, and the on-going support from CSP are so invaluable to anyone looking for a staging training program. After taking CSP training I feel confident about the direction I will be taking my business. Thank you to Christine Rae and her CSP team for their ongoing support and commitment in ensuring that those considering a career in staging are given the best educational tools to build their business!”

-Sadiya Qureshi, ON

I would be extremely likely to recommend this program, -my rating of the program is a 10 out of 10! Combined with the Modules, Webinars, and self-study ahead of time….this three day program puts it all together. The on-going support is amazing too! The fact that we can return to class for refreshers, have on-going Webinars, makes a new CSP feel very supported! The included web-page is a great marketing tool, the Staging Magazine, the Room Ready Handbooks, the Portfolio’s and all the other CSP branded business items, makes it so much easier to start a business, and look professional as well! As with any job, and especially running your own business, there is always on-going learning, and I love the fact that there are more Webinars to come. I plan on taking more classes, earn more credits, and earn the “Masters”, in the next two years. If it already doesn’t sound like it, let me say…I am very excited about my new business, and appreciate all the support for the training centre!

– Rhonda Kennedy, CCSP Gravenhurst, ON

A few months ago I took another Home Staging Certification program. I learned very little, have since received no support and was not effectively taught everything about the industry and how to run a staging business. Completion of that program left me confused and floundering. I was not prepared to start my business with any sense of confidence.

I decided to search a bit more extensively to find another Home Staging certification course. I committed to taking the three day extensive course offered by CSP in NYC with Nairn Friemann. I chose to take this course because Nairn is one of the top stagers in the area. If you are going to learn a new skill, might as well learn from the best! Furthermore, they offer a hands-on experience the third day of the class, something that is not offered by most other programs. I feel strongly that if you want to learn and be creative, you need to do this in person. An on-line course, in a creative industry, is just not going to cut it.

The class was absolutely unbelievable. I learned so much, not just about the creative facets of Staging, but also the business aspect of this industry. I learned how to do a consultation, how to write a proposal and how to market a staging business. It was hard work, but well worth the investment of my time and money. I would highly recommend the CSP program to anyone who is SERIOUS about starting a Home Staging company. It is a best and most thorough program offered.

– Maria DiMartino, Northern, NJ

I am an alumni of Certified Staging Professional. I would like to express my thanks to Nairn Friemann (CSP® Instructor), and CSPI™ Business Training Academy taught at Purchase College, NY for the opportunity of partaking in their three day home staging course last year.

This year, I enrolled in the course again as a refresher, and the whole ‘training’ experience has been extremely helpful in continuously learning the process of starting and running a home staging business. Not to mention, meeting a wonderful diverse group of eager fellow students.

Nairn has instilled great experienced knowledge and support in both the classroom, and in real time home staging/showcasing. I am honored to have learned from her. I have also worked with Nairn for the past year in staging/showcasing, and it has thoroughly been enjoyable. I feel I have more confidence, and I have learnt to approach home staging/showcasing challenges without blinking. I looking forward to learning more, and I am very grateful to Nairn for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

-Emilio Salvati, CSP® Alumni

Kathryn Lang CSP StagerWhew Hoo! What a fantastic class. Because of my research on which Professional Staging certification to receive I knew that your in class and hands on training would be dynamic and top notch, but I was not quite prepared for all of the in-depth business oriented information, as well as the professional and life experience tips, that you provided for launching a successful Staging career! And what an exciting team experience when staging the property in Oakville. A Thanksgiving Day I will never forget!

Christine, it was such a pleasure meeting you and I was thrilled to have had you as my training guru! Your story of how you started your journey into this profession is one I can truly connect with and will be an inspiration for me fulfill my dreams and follow my passion…..I am a bumblebee!

Here’s to the future as a CSP®. Thank you and I look forward to training with you again!

– Kathryn Lang, Austin, TX

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three-day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City. Being an interior designer for 37 years, and practicing in both the residential and commercial areas, it is usually me who plays “teacher” rather than student. I must confess that I have more often than not been bored and disappointed in such events. My usual “M.O.” is to make excuses and leave early. But Nairn’s class was a very different experience. She was a serious, committed, engaging teacher, who clearly is at the top of her game in the Staging industry. She exhibited interest in each of her students, and gave individual guidance. I took prolific notes, and soon realized how much I could learn from her. She has my full respect, appreciation, and admiration.

– Alice Silverman, CSP® North Salem, NY

Wendy Tomm CSP StagerI had heard great things about the organization by alumni as well as have had great discussions and assistance from Liz and Linda. They have always been there to answer any and all my questions, they are polite and super efficient. I enjoyed having Jackson West as the Trainer for our sessions. He was dynamic, hands on and kept the group focused. He presented the materials well and ensured that questions were answered and that the group understood at all times what he was trying to get across. I enjoyed his business style and his unique values and views into the staging business. Thank you again Jackson for inspiring all of us for 3 days.

– Wendy Tomm, CCSP® East St. Paul, MB

Last year I enrolled in a staging program which was very widely advertised and cost a little less than the CSP® 3 Day Course. You know that saying “You get what you pay for” ? Well I graduated from that program still feeling that I needed more information – in fact, a lot more, actually. So I enrolled in the 3 Day CSP® workshop in Toronto. It was so informative, so comprehensive and so much fun!!!! This is the program eveyone should be considering, when thinking about about becoming a Stager.

– Rita Geraldine Pfaff, CCSP® Lefroy, ON

CSP StagerI am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing; my interaction with their staff was unsatisfactory, I was unable to communicate directly with a trainer and the course was limited. Follow-up and mentorship was non-existent. I really felt like I was adrift.

After receiving my certification from this other company, I started to do some research on the Home Staging training offerings and decided that I wanted to be associated with CSP®. The CSP® staff I spoke to were extremely informative, helpful and responsive. I concluded that the CSP® training program seemed more interactive and inclusive.

My instincts were correct! I have just completed the 3-day program and my experience couldn’t be more different. I have to first give a big “bravo” to our instructor. My CSP trainer made the whole 3-step staging process come to life. The in-class course content was jam-packed with information, from how to run our business to the detailed aspects of Home Staging. Day 3 – the Home Staging day, brought it all together and turned the theory we learned into a real and practical experience. Thanks to the CSP® training program and my CSP trainer’s high energy, enthusiasm and knowledge, I now feel more prepared to proceed with my business, than I ever imagined, and I know that there’s support along the way. I’m looking forward to having the designation of CSP® and displaying the CSP® logo, and feel certain that my association with CSP® will bring my business the respect and credibility I want.

– Beverley Tollofson, CSP® Renew Home Staging

What graduates say about CSP® Convention

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CSP® Home Staging Convention Vegas 2011

Sally Weatherley
CSP® Home Staging Convention Vegas 2011

Laurie Cole
CSP® Home Staging Convention Vegas 2011

Karen Hubert
CSP® Home Staging Convention Vegas 2011

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I am an alumni of Certified Staging Professional. I would like to express my thanks to Nairn Friemann (CSP® Instructor), and CSPI™ Business Training Academy taught at Purchase College, NY for the opportunity of partaking in their three day home staging course last year.

This year, I enrolled in the course again as a refresher, and …

I am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing…


Last year I enrolled in a staging program which was very widely advertised and cost a little less than the CSP 3 Day Course. You know that saying “You get what you pay for”…?

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