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December 20, 2006 - For Immediate Release

Certified Staging Professionals™ Will Color Your House SOLD

TV home makeover glamour hits the real estate market now that Certified Staging Professionals™ and Canadian Staging Professionals™ (CSP™), a home staging training program, has teamed up with the Dewey Color System®.  As part of their continuing education commitment, CSP™ will be providing its stagers the opportunity to train in the fine art of using color as a means to positively influence home buyers.  CSP™ graduates can now become Dewey Color Consultants as part of the continuing education program rolling out in the New Year.  The CSP™ organization has been selected as the first company in North America to study how color effects and impacts the sale of property.

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June 5th 2006 - For Immediate Release

Ann Maurice-TV House Doctor Signs Agreement with Canadian Staging Professionals™

– Canadian Staging Professionals™ a Canadian leader in the Home Staging Industry announced a three year agreement with Ann Maurice –TV House Doctor and staging guru.
“The need for professional home staging services has grown exponentially in North America and in my opinion there is no better source for training and information in North America, for starting and building a staging business than the CSP™ program” said Ann Maurice, TV - House Doctor.
Christine Rae, President of Canadian Staging Professionals™ said “I am very proud to have this endorsement.  The CSP™ program stands out in this industry; our designation already has recognition and support in Canada.” With this endorsement from a world renowned expert we will now be recognised internationally as a premier provider of staging training.

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February 2006 – For Immediate Release

[Toronto January 06] – What’s the secret to an efficient and timely sale of a home in today’s market?  That question was the theme of the Canadian Home Marketing Strategist course taught recently in Toronto by Christine Rae & Suzanne Ethier certified trainers for the popular program by Martha Webb, author and producer of Dress Your House for Success.

            Twelve Real Estate professionals attended the day-long course, & are now the first to be offering a broader range of new marketing expertise to home buyers and sellers after receiving their certification. Rae & Ethier teach the course to real estate agents nationwide.

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November 21st – TORONTO, ONTARIO
No room for amateurs in Staging – professionals take over

In the last several years mass media has bombarded the public with renovation and sell this house’ style shows.  So much so that the viewing public is now educated on some of the finer points of  both  - and many amateurs having followed the trend, are touting themselves as ‘professionals’  and starting staging businesses with little or no training.

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September 28th 2005Toronto Ontario
Canadian Professional takes the LEAD on Staging

While crude oil is predicted to soar to the $100 a barrel mark, and interest rates predicted to rise closely behind, the real estate market is expected to flip from the sellers to the buyer’s market- which for many Canadians will mean less money for their homes.  In a country where we can be nomadic, changing dwellings every 3-5 years, this may mean less money for our homes on resale.

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