Tanya Nouwens CCSP®
Staging Consultant, Realtor

Located In: Kirkland, QC

Servicing: Montreal West Island: Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Pierrefonds, Baie D'urfe, Pointe Claire, Dollard-des-ormeaux, Senneville, Dorval

Additional Services: Real Estate Broker, Home Stager

Phone: 514 919 8468

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Tanya Nouwens' Testimonials

Thanks for a smashing job. Everyone who walked in wanted to stay and so we had 5 offers within a week. A lot of houses are for sale around here and you made ours stand out. And you did it while respecting its own kind of charm. If it wasn't for your talent and your generousity, we would still be waiting for our buyer, like everyone else on the block. You could have done so much less but you gave the extra time to make it right. Thank you for actually caring! We will be asking for your advice in our new home too -- we want that extra pleasant feel to the space for ourselves now!

M. Dufour & R. Dugas
Montreal, Quebec 

Just a note to let you know that the open house was a huge success. We attracted 30 visitors and we had two offers by 5pm. We sold the house for only $3K less than asking. This could not have been accomplished without your input and contributions. Thank you! I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

L. Cote
Kirkland, Quebec  

Working with Jackie and Tanya was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. They were both professional and fun, as well as exceptionally creative. They made our house look better than it ever had, all while spending a minimal amount of money. The transformation was amazing, and the results were undeniable-we sold the house in just four days! They are a great team, and a great company.

R. Abramovich
Montreal, Quebec 

We had just moved into our new house. Let's just say my husband and I are a catastrophe waiting to happen when it comes to picking colors and decorating... Actually the catastrophe had happened a few times in our previous apartments. We learned from our mistake and decided we needed professional help! Tanya had staged my sister's house to sell it and my husband and I had loved the result: we actually asked my sister if she really wanted to sell anymore, the place looked so good! So we called Tanya and Jackie... and never looked back. These two working together are dynamite. Our experience with them was hugely enjoyable and we love what they've done with our place. Staying at home with our new baby, I get to enjoy the result of their work on a daily basis. Tanya, Jackie, thank you for helping make our house a home!

E. Dufour & F. Gagne
Pointe Claire, Quebec 

I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that Trevor and I love our new home. We cannot believe that this is our house. I walk in the house and feel such happiness and so proud to show all what you two have created. Thank you so much for making our living space so beautiful.

L. Arsenault
Kirkland, Quebec 

Having lived in my home for eighteen years and now in the "empty nest" phase, I decided it was time to "down size". Where to begin? ... with Ready, Set...Sold! They came into my home and with expert eyes, transformed my house in less than 2 days, managing to "declutter" and still keeping it "personalized". What a great job, I was very pleased.

K. Kirzner
Kirkland, Quebec  

I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful work in my house on Killarney Avenue in Pointe-Claire. You were all very careful with my belongings and respectful. Merci beaucoup encore.

Dominique B.
Pointe Claire, Quebec 

Staging this place was the best investment I ever made.

J. Fixman
Cote St. Luc, Quebec 

This past summer, we bought a new home. With all of the work we needed to do in a very short time before moving in, the thought of choosing the paint colors for the entire main floor was overwhelming. Tanya came over for a one-hour color consultation, and relieved my anxiety entirely! She came prepared, having asked for pictures of our old house before it was stacked with boxes, so she would know what my decorating style was like. She quickly looked at our space and chose beautiful colors to complement not only our furniture, but also the rooms themselves. She even recommended window coverings to match! We trusted Tanya completely, and the result is a beautiful, bright, peaceful, warm and inviting feeling in our home…which is exactly what we had hoped for! We are so pleased and have received compliment after compliment on the paint colors we used. In fact, I’m going to ask Tanya to come back to help tackle the kids’ bedrooms next! Thanks again, Tanya.

L. Bedard
Kirkland, Quebec 

We have moved house three times in the past decade, and each time we never got around to "finishing" the house, living with the bad carpet and gaudy wallpaper, until it was time to put it on the market. We would stage our homes for resale and then and only then truly fall in love with them. Once we were finally able to relax and enjoy a home that truly felt like us, we would have to move out a only few months later. This time, we decided to invest the time and money up front, so that we could enjoy that feeling for years instead of mere weeks. We hired Tanya and Jackie to help us with what they call "staging for living". For some rooms, we had a clear vision of what we wanted, but for others drew a blank. Tanya and Jackie helped us to decorate all those areas where we drew a blank, including window dressings. They shopped (or "sourced") furniture and accessories, and took care of returning the items we didn't choose. Basically, they took the stress (and conflict!) out of decorating. Tanya and Jackie were a true pleasure to work with. They were upbeat, professional and flexible, with a synergy to how they work together. They had lots of ideas and were able to adapt to both our style and budget. We were very pleased with the end result and highly recommend them for this service. We are in love with our home!

K. Cartwright
Beaconsfield, Quebec 

Certified Staging Professionals