Nairn Friemann
Staging Consultant, Trainer, Mentor

Located In: New York, NY

Servicing: Manhattan, Long Island, The Hamptons, Brooklyn, Westchester, Scarsdale, Rye, Yonkers, White Plains

Additional Services: Staging Training, Staging to Live, Seniors in Transition, Downsizing, Professional Organizing, Consulting, Photo shoot styling

Phone: 212 308 4642
Cell: 917 952 4669

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Nairn Friemann's Testimonials

"Thank you Nairn for all your expert and enthusiastic help in staging the super-large loft-like apartment I needed to sell in a hurry for my clients. The pictures came out beautifully, thanks to the choices you made in large, impressive colorful art and furniture. It showed magnificently - every customer who came by, every real estate agent, was genuinely amazed at how great it looked. The living room was so large, so hard to define and you did the perfect job. People would see it, after having seen a bare version on a higher floor and have an "ah-hah" momnet. They understood just how to use the space and how dramatic an apartment it could be. We sold first - there were three available in that line, both others on higher floors - and for a very good price. My owners were thrilled with your work. As an agent I was elated at how you took charge of the project from start to finish, and the buyers know exactly how they would lay out their new, nearly 3,000 sq. foot apartment!"

Todd Shiff
Douglas Elliman, New York 

"Nairn, Wow, Wonder of Wonders! You Fairy Godmother you. How did you manage to take the Cinderella of all apartments and totally transform her into a masterpiece (and in record time too)! Larry and I couldn't believe the difference your staging made in marketing this apartment. We thank you sincerely for making our job easy."

Carol B. Miller and Larry Goldman
Douglas Elliman, New York 

"Nairn's repositioning of our furniture to better highlight the architectural detail of the house and removing unneeded drapery to better showcase our landscaped one-acre property was inspired. The buyer said it made the difference for her and that it might have been overlooked if not "staged" for a high impact, first impression. I now find myself taking a more edited approach to our new home and incorporating Nairn's "less can be more" furnishing philosophy."

Carmen Kleiser
Greenwich, Connecticut 

"Nairn's impeccable taste and design skills turned my somewhat drab 550 square foot apartment into a breezy open space full of light and warmth. Staying well within a reasonable budget, she totally transformed my home. I can't say enough about how incredible the difference was...Thanks to her, the bidding war grew heated, and the final offer came in at $26,000 more than the asking price."

Jefferson Arca
New York 

"Many, many thanks -it was three weeks from the first open house to a signed contract- unbelieveable! It was on the market "undressed" from August to December with only the most meager nibbles and many complaints about the enormous amount of work that needed to be done. What a difference your staging made!"

Phyllis Platner
New York 

"Dear Nairn. You have worked you magic once again for us. That makes twice in less than two months that you have pygmalioned messes into quick sales at much higher prices than the sellers could have hoped for otherwise. We can't thank you enough for your help."

Bonnie Brown and Jim Harp
Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy, New York 

"Nairn, you are the best! I don't think I will ever stop saying that. We sold in four days for $300,000 more than the only other offer we had received in 6 months before your staging. Thanks again for all your help, decorating, showcasing and most of all, your fun and enjoyable company."

Mavita Ledesma
White Plains, New York 

"Hi Nairn. We did it! We signed a contract today and now we can co-ordinate with the close on our new place. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help me prepare. There is no way I could have done it without you!"

Rita Koplin
New York 

"After only two weeks on the market and with four offers in hand, my sellers have accepted an offer over asking price. They are thrilled and have expressed to me their clear understanding of and gratitude for the value of the staging. They were very pessimistic about the apartment at the outset and had doubts regarding a successful sale. Following your comprehensive and detailed advice, they totally transformed their home, not even recognizing it themselves. The apartment photographed great and each potential buyer and broker expressed their delght in the look of this property. I look forward to repeating this success with your professional help. Thanks."

Yael Shapiro
Coldwell Banker Hunt Kennedy, New York 

"It was a real pleasure working with Nairn. She is very practical and efficient and her ideas on how to make our NYC apartment and terrace more inviting and glamorous were fantastic. I thought I was going to have to put in a new kitchen, but with a few changes that cost under $200, Nairn helped us transform the kitchen so that everyone loved it - one buyer even told us the kitchen and terrace reminded her of a villa where she had lived in Rome!. Nairn's eye for staging was invaluable."

Dr. Judy Friedman

Certified Staging Professionals