Karen Silverman CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Winnipeg, MB

Servicing: Home Staging Consultations, Recommendations, Staging To Sell, (vacant/occupied) Staging To Live, Curb Appeal Staging, Patio/deck Staging Pre-open House Check

Additional Services:

Cell: 294 781 5141

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Karen Silverman's Testimonials

"I used to live in the same complex as Karen. When she found out I'd been transferred to the states, she asked if I wanted help getting my place ready to sell. I was thrilled until she handed me 'the list'. Now, I'm a bit of a pack rat, and looking at that list, I admit I had a moment of remorse. I figured if I tidied up a bit and got the dirty dishes out of the sink, I'd be good to go. I was wrong. FIFTEEN THOUSAND dOLLARS worth of wrong, in fact. When the dust settled, my place sold for fifteen thousand dollars more than the higher of two appraisals. Yet, the entire staging job cost me under $900! Let's just say that when Karen asked me to write a testimonial for her new business, I was more than happy to! Mike H, Columbus Ohio


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