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I am changing careers from Information Technology, analyzing / providing business solutions, managing projects and helping people manage change to enter the business of “Staging”.
Do you know how to prepare your home for sale to help you sell it faster, and potentially for a really good price? If you’re unsure my team can help you set the stage and help you move on to the next adventure in your life. What we do is follow a step by step plan and customize the solution for you. In addition I offer a unique service “dealing with change” to help you enjoy the result and look forward to the next phase of your life.

What is Staging? What does this mean to you?
IF you prepare your property for sale by yourself it may take longer to sell, and you may have reductions in price to move your property and additional stress. In some cases you may have two mortgage payments. As a Certified Staging Professional I will help you and your realtor get setup up for a ‘win-win’ solution.
The staging process is a three step process. This includes:
1. Scheduling a consultation to complete a review of each room and provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you understand what buyers want.
2. Follow a plan to get your home ready to list.
3. Staging - The final step is when my team would come in and ‘stage’ your home to sell.
Once your home is ‘staged’ a potential buyer walking into your home can visualize themselves living here.
Studies have proven staged properties sell faster for more money and hopefully less stress as there is a plan. I help people to manage change and enjoy the results as you move on to the next ‘adventure’ in your life.
What could you do if your house is listed and not selling?
We have proven results houses on the market that haven’t sold, sell quicker after they are staged and ‘new’ photos are created and posted to the internet.

Please contact me to obtain more information or schedule a consultation at:
Cell: 780 915 1495 Ruth Cherot

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