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All Décor Design & Staging Inc. services the greater Edmonton, and surrounding areas.

Home Staging is the act of preparing your home for sale in the real estate market. Home staging is not decorating, there is art behind placement of every piece of furniture and decor.

We focus on improving the properties appeal by transforming it into a welcoming and attractive product.

About the Owner:

Gena Mymko CCSP, CCC, Professional Home Stager and owner of All Decor Design & Home Staging Inc.

Gena is a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN). She is also a Priority Hunter Douglas Dealer.

Gena has over 4 years of University. She found a love for Real Estate and started to invest in the market over 6 years ago. Gena started staging properties for rent and re-sale. After witnessing the benefits of higher rent, lower vacancy turnover times, and much quicker sales, she decided it was time to offer her services to other investors and sellers.

It is important to understand the value of a staged homes, and how it impacts the rental and sellers markets.
Gena is continuing her education in Interior Design and has strong background of design methods and principles. She has completed the CSP accredited home staging course and is a certified colour consultant. She also has a great understanding for window coverings and is a certified Hunter Douglas Dealer.

Gena found a love for the art of decorating homes and is continuing to pursue her passion.


Staging Your Home Is a Smart Investment!

The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction. Regardless of market fluctuations, staging will give your home an edge over competing properties. It's the all-important "packaging" that helps a home sell faster and for maximum profit.


Preparing to sell your home can be daunting! We spend from one to two hours (depending on the size of your home) evaluating every aspect of your home inside and out. We will then provide you with detailed recommendations for de-cluttering and furniture placement, as well as important curb appeal elements like landscaping and exterior considerations.

Occupied Consultation:
Tailored to fit your budget and needs. Our expert staff will research your market, visit your property, and take the time to explain what needs to be done to sell your property quickly and for the greatest potential profit. We walk through your home Room-by-room and document the findings in a CSP Room Ready Booklet. This booklet is yours to keep with its detailed recommendations. Consultations are done by an Expert & Certified Stager.

​Tailored to fit your budget and needs. Often recommended by Realtors. We start with an in Home Consultation and proceed from there with any extra staging enhancements to have your home market ready. $250.00 for a 2-3 hour consultation

Vacant Consultation:
We look and see your property and make sure it’s ready for sale. Our staff will take picture of the property and measurements if needed. We also start a CSP "Pick Ticket List" is started during this consult to start the quote for rental furniture.

$75 fee (Waived if service is provided)


Vacant Staging:

An unoccupied house is basically an empty shell. The property appears cold and uninviting. This makes it difficult for most buyers to visualize how much better the house could look in a fully furnishings live-in ready state. Buyers do not connect emotionally with space and do not
see the full potential. We use current on-trend furnishings and accessories from our inventory. We never want to compromise your look!

Prices start at $1600.00 +GST and varies depending on the sq feet and furniture rentals.Prices include delivery, set-up and removal of rental items following sale of the property.

Occupied Staging:

Relax and let us do the work for you. We come to your home and transform it with existing furniture and decor. We'll focus on furniture placement and configuration to maximize floor space. We provide de-cluttering service, and will focus on de-personalizing the space. In addition, we’ll re-purposing accessories and artwork to highlight your properties best features.

Prices start at $750.00


Home Staging and Why It Works!
ALL DECOR DESIGN & STAGING INC.·THURSDAY, JULY 7, 201610 by Gena Mymko CCSP, CCC All Décor Design & Staging Inc. Blog. In Home Staging.

Selling a property can be as stressful as getting divorced or going bankrupt (The Daily Mail) Using a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) is the best way to remove much of that stress. Staging property before going on market benefits everyone involved with the sale and purchase of the property.

CSP home stagers are experts at recommending solutions for repairs, upgrades, de-cluttering and possible redesign options required. To fully optimize the home’s potential for a quick and easy sale.
According to Christine Ray President of CSP International academy: “First impressions are the only ones that count. People have choices today, and they make decisions about your property within the blink of an eye. Wherever the eye rests, the sale begins. Are they looking at the RIGHT things?” (p.3).
“First impressions are the only ones that count…” Christine Ray
Staging your property before being listed is crucial. Buyers start getting positive or negative emotional connections when they first see a photo, or drive by a home. If they come in the door and love the FEELING they get, then they will be motivated to purchase!

Scenario 1: 123 Easy Street. Property has uncut grass, toys all over the yard, and weeds everywhere. Inside the home is mostly empty, some of the bulbs are burnt out, and old plastic bags are in the corner. The buyer concentrates on scuff marks, peeling paint, and damaged baseboards because there is nothing else to look at. The buyer will most likely not place an offer. If so, only at major discount.

Scenario 2: 123 Easy Street. Property has cut grass, but nothing stands out. Inside the home is mostly empty but clean. The potential buyer concentrates on how small areas feel, unsure if certain areas are large enough. They may buy, but they probably aren’t in love. Their realtor has several more to show. If they do offer they will try for a discounted price.

Scenario 3: 123 Easy Street. Property has well-kept lawn, with no weeds, and planters with flowers. Inside the property is very clean, the furniture and decor accentuates the space making it seem bigger. The buyer pays attention to the layout, imagining placing their own furniture into their new home. The buyer is now emotionally invested wanting to buy. The home looks so nice, someone else might place an offer first if they don’t! If you list your property, and it isn’t selling, you may have already missed buyers who saw the home as just another empty shell instead of the great home it could become.

1. Repair anything that needs fixing.
2. Replace outdated light fixtures.
3. Natural Paint colors appeal to most buyers.
4. Light bulbs. None burnt out! Highest watt allowed energy efficient, for maximum brightness.
5. Clean floors, walls, fixtures, and baseboards. 6. Paint colors should be in natural tones to which appeal to most buyers.
Remember buyers are buying their new home, not your old one!

Gayle., D. (2014). How buying a house is more stressful than bankruptcy, divorce and even the death of a loved-one, according to poll. Retrieved from
RAY., C. Ten Ways to Get Your Property SOLD. Staging Standard Magazine; (9),5, pp.3
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