Dory Cameron CCSP®
Staging Consultant, Realtor

Located In: Ladysmith, BC

Servicing: Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Duncan

Additional Services: I list your home on MLS and stage it so it shows its very best. This is how all of my clients achieve top dollar for their home.

Phone: 250 802 2090

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Dory Cameron's Before And After



Senior Living doesn't have to be drab!

The couple moved out of this condo. The lighting was dated, and paint needed freshening up. A fresh coat of paint, slightly updated furniture and new lighting...sold for the highest price in the building in 1 week!



From Pink to Perfect

Master bedroom...this house sold the day it was listed.



To paint or not to paint railing

In this split level, the railings on the upper dining room level were exactly eye-level as soon as you entered this home. You felt like you were in a cage and it kept the eye from moving further back into the house so it felt small. I painted the railings (yes, its a two-week job) and the railings then blended in with the white walls. The homeowner remarked how much more open the room felt. The oak railings limited the new owners decorating whereas the white rails match everything. First buyer in the door bought it the day it was listed.

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