Sue Hutchinson Bawden CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Fernie, BC

Servicing: Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford, Jaffray, Cranbrook, Tie & Rosen Lakes Invermere,

Additional Services: Staging for New, Vacant, Occupied and Rental Properties, Color Consultations, Decorating Makeovers, Furniture Discounts & Assisted Shopping, Fixture & Product Sourcing, Accessory & Furniture Arrangement & Rentals, De-cluttering & Organizing, Real Estate Photography & Print Marketing. Also offering in Partnership with Steve Bawden of Bawden Design, Structural, Renovation/Redesign & Blueprint Consultations.

Phone: 250 423 0103

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Sue Hutchinson Bawden is the Owner of Inspired Spaces Design & Decor based in beautiful Fernie BC.

She is passionate and skilled at creating options for a range of budgets and styles whether you partner with Sue to help you sell your property, update it for your own enjoyment, are looking to maximize rental revenue potential or if you are needing advice and support (renovation options, design considerations) to help make a property purchase.

Sue ties together expertise as a Certified Staging Professional, 4 years as a Property Management Consultant in Fernie and 12 years of professional & personal real estate investing, renovating and building experience in the Fernie area.

Often partnering with her husband Steve Bawden of Bawden Design, together they have strong relationships with local contractors, great reputations in the industry and over 35 years of combined experience with Residential and Commercial building projects. Steve is trained in construction engineering, is a Certified Carpenter and as an established Builder has a portfolio of signature properties to his name throughout the area.

Partnering to Save YOU Time, Money & Hassles

Top Ten Reasons to work with a Professional Stager

1 First Impressions matter! Over 90% of Buyers/Renters start their property search on the internet. Professionally staged homes photograph better which means they look better on line and in advertisements. This simply translates to greater initial interest for your property and higher chances of showings which means more potential buyers, offers or renters to choose from.

2 Not only do Staged properties look better in photos, they look and feel better in person too! Aesthetic updates, repairs, furniture placement, lighting, color and traffic flow are addressed in order to create a “show home” look with broad appeal.

3 An investment in Staging is always less than a price reduction or low ball offer.

4 Homeowners are often overwhelmed with how to approach Selling their home. There are differences of opinion between owners/spouses on where to spend money, what to box up, what to upgrade etc. A Staging Professional offers you specific direction on what to do, where to focus your time and money to get the results you are looking for. Certified Professional Stagers will accomplish in a day what takes Homeowners weeks or months to accomplish if they have the time and skill to do it at all!

5. Appraisers are more likely to assess staged homes at full value supporting ease with mortgage approval for Buyers.

6. Buyers and Building Inspectors view staged homes as better kept homes.

7. Working with a Professional Stager you have the option to rent attractive furnishings/decor accessories which is cheaper than buying new items to help support the sale of your home especially if you have no future use for the item where you are moving to.

8. If you should decide to invest in new furnishings that you know you can take with you to your next home, Professional Stagers receive Decorator/Designer discounts at furniture stores and can help you make smart purchases to get the best value for the broadest appeal.

9. If you decide at the initial Property Consultation as a Home Owner you would like to Do It Your Self as much as possible to save money, Stagers can point you in the right direction where to purchase items, contractors to suggest, what paint colors to go with etc.

10. Staging is an Investment. Bottom line, staged properties sell faster and for a higher price. They have a competitive edge against un-stagged properties in the same price range. When you sell quicker it means less stress & hassles of showings, reduced carrying costs such as mortgage payments and insurance and the opportunity to move onto your next exciting phase!

What is the difference between a Real Estate Agent & a Stager?

Although Real Estate Agents and Professional Stagers share the same goals to sell properties in the shortest amount of time for the most money, they each stimulate and enhance different aspects of the sale.

Real Estate Agents are experts in the real estate market. They understand and monitor the current market to help set appropriate pricing for listings. They negotiate deals & attend to all the legal and marketing considerations. Agents are skilled salespeople who work with a wide range of personalities with needs & wants to match to properties. On a day in day out basis they are in direct contact with Buyers & Sellers.

Stagers, sometimes referred to as Property Stylists are like hairstylist who can somehow make the same house & home décor look great that you yourself can’t seem to do. They take properties to the next level by highlighting a home’s best features and downplaying any flaws. It’s not always what you have, but where you place it that matters! It may be as simple as rearranging what you already have or introducing quality rental furniture and accessories. Often it is a combination of both.

Aesthetic updates, repairs, painting, furniture placement, lighting and traffic flow are addressed in order to create inviting and memorable interiors that entice buyers to linger and make offers.

Stagers have inventory of artwork, furnishings, accessories, greenery, linens etc to help showcase properties. They are experts at depersonalizing a space. Staged homes encourage buyers to envision themselves living in the space while forming a necessary emotional connection to the property.

Home Staging is changing the way real estate is being sold. Home Sellers hiring Stagers to help them put their property's best foot forward is becoming the norm like paying for a Home Inspection is peace of mind for Buyers.

Certified Staging Professionals