Joanne Abrahams CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Halifax, NS

Servicing: Halifax, Darthmouth, Bedford, Sackville N. S.

Additional Services: Decorating/redesign advice; single rooms or from top to bottom. Personal shopping for furniture and accessories. Storage organization and downsizing help.

Phone: 902 440 4676
Cell: 902 440 4676

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Joanne Abrahams' Before And After



From Family Photo Gallery to Fine Dining

The in your face bar stools, loved by some and hated by others, not only crowded the space and obstructed the flow but would distract buyers from noticing the features of the dining area. With the removal of the family photo gallery and the cuckoo clock, further distractions, the room no longer crowded, can handle a crowd.



Small in Size-Big in Stature

Only nine by twelve, the size of this small room was further dwarfed by the large furniture and overpowering artwork. Buyers would have had a hard time manouevering around the room and would have been left wondering how in the world they could serve their guests. With the buffet and china cabinet relocated to the adjacent formal living room, and by replacing the overbearing piece of artwork with a painting that fits the scale of the space, this dining room appears to be bigger than it actually is.



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