Yvonne Laanstra CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Calgary, AB

Servicing: Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere And Surrounding Areas.

Additional Services: Color consultations interior paint and exterior paint and stucco Interior design

Cell: 403 630 0541

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CSP® Masters

Welcome to Staging Calgary! Yvonne Laanstra is an award winning, Certified Staging Professional with over 13 years of staging experience. Besides numerous Home Staging Consultations, we have successfully staged over 50 million dollars worth or Real Estate in Calgary. On average staging one home per week.

We are a unique and full service Home Staging Company in Calgary that always sets the stage for success.

We offer a wide range of staging services from occupied staging to vacant staging, staging consultations and accessory packages along with color consultations and interior design advice.

Every job is special to us and deserves a custom approach.

Staging Calgary!

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Staging Calgary

Home Staging is a proven Real Estate marketing strategy to improve the presentation and sale-ability of any property and is used by successful home sellers all over the world.

Staging Calgary is a Calgary based Home Staging Company that will assist you in maximizing your listing’s value, highlighting its strongest features and help make it sell faster at its best price. Home staging is known to be the only service that truly brings measurable value when preparing a house for sale.

As Mae West stated: ‘It is better to be looked over than to be overlooked!’

Staging Calgary by My Spectrum Interiors: Setting the stage for success!


Benefits of Home Staging

A Professionally Staged Property is the recipe for beautiful pictures resulting in amazing promotional material and internet marketing. Excellent presentation will lead to more online traffic (where 96% of buyers look first!), increasing the possibility of better showings, more offers and a faster sale for a higher price.

A lot of buyers are familiar with the term Home Staging or Property Styling. What most people don’t know is that Staging is not about making a house look pretty; it is a proven marketing strategy that effectively promotes your property: you need a professional approach!

By staging your house for sale, Realtors can market your listing right from the start: it is ready to show! With a great number of homes on the market and an ever changing Real Estate climate you want to make sure your listing stands out in the crowd. Most house sellers, have a tough time seeing their home through a buyer’s eye. On the other hand research shows that an amazing 90% of potential buyers can’t visualize themselves living in the home they are touring. The result will be: They won’t buy it!

Staging Calgary by My Spectrum Interiors will always Set the Stage for Eye-catching success!, offering a wide variety of Home Staging Services to suit any need and budget. Give us a call at 403-630-0541

Let us work together to get your house SOLD!

Staging Calgary

Yvonne Laanstra is a Certified Interior Decorator and a international Master Stagerâ„¢ who was born in the Netherlands.

With a strong passion for design, she started her company Staging Calgary in 2006.

Yvonne was fascinated by the differences between the gray tones of her home country compared to the bright big skies of Canada. Yvonne found inspiration in her new surroundings that gave her a new look on color, style and design.

Combining the best of both worlds, Staging Calgary stays in touch with trends from Europe while focusing on design in Canada. With her diverse cultural background, Yvonne Laanstra is able to think outside the box and can create a new look for her global customers.


‘Our home looks amazing and I enjoyed working with you. I know what I like & don’t like but am not efficient in achieving the desire effect.

I am quite obviously a pack rat and would never have achieved these results without your assistance.

I was “singing your praises” in the office yesterday and would definitely recommend your services to friends’

Nolan and Cindy B., Calgary

'I want to tell you how appreciative I am for the work you did recently for my clients home. I was immediately blown away with how different the house looked and had forgotten what a warm space it was. I must admit it has changed my view and I will try to never list a vacant home as I now see the value in staging any home.

There was a caravan of 9 realtors that came through the house on the Monday following your staging and it received great reviews. The biggest compliment came from 2 realtors who have previously toured the property prior to staging and it looked like a very different space to them: "It now looks like a home, rather than an empty house".'

Michael Dundas, Royal LePage Foothills

'The staging provided by Yvonne has changed the house tremendously, I am getting excellent feedback from viewers. Sometimes I wish I had a hidden camera to record all the praise for how great the house is. The feedback is considerably better than before staging. The house feels like a home now. It was a pleasure to work with Yvonne and Sue, they were on time and very efficient. I would highly recommend their staging services to anyone.'

Agata Nicols, The Real Estate Company LTD.

'Yvonne's service and design of the space was great…she is very organized and made the staging and destaging process surprisingly easy! The house showed very well with your furniture and accessory selections. Thanks very much for all you have done.

Carlo and Pam Petrini, Calgary

'I really appreciated everything Yvonne advised. I was grateful that you just organized the area above my fireplace – because obviously I didn’t know how to – and the same goes with the presentation of the kitchen. I just have no sense of how to do that, so I needed you to physically show me rather than just explaining.'

Ashley H., Calgary

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