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Servicing: Kingston, Gananoque, Napanee Frontenac Townships & Area

Additional Services: Furniture & Decor Rental. Interior Redesign including Basement, Deck and Storage Designs that really make sense; increasing the value of your property and saving you money!

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Yes; we ARE just like you see on TV! My Team and I help Realtors and Home Owners sell houses quickly and for more money! I teach the principles of the industry and motivate the seller to get invested in their investment; enhancing the property's best assets to generate increased value and saleability with wider market appeal.

I'm a thrifty person and stage every house as if it were my own; making sure my clients spend the least amount of time, effort and money to achieve remarkable results that really SELL!

In my work, my favorite feeling is CLEVER. Without fail, while staging a house, I get that feeling many times over. I lead by example using creativity and good humour to enable the home seller to deliver a high-end product that appeals to the largest percentage of the target market; that's how you get a SOLD sign on the lawn!

I have a large inventory of rental furniture and decor items available to my clients and a high-energy team of Certified Staging Professionals and trades people. We know how to get houses SOLD; even the most stubborn houses - even in the off-season!

Remember Style Sells!

Sincerely, Patricia

Have Fun & Make Money! Cha-Ching!

. Create a House with an Excellent First Impression
. Stage a Vacant House so it feels Homey & Cared-for
. Elicit Strong, Positive Responses from Buyers
. De-Clutter, De-Personalize, Re-Design
. Achieve Big Effects on a Small Budget
. Improve, Repair, Revamp, Enhance
. Adopt a Git-R-Done! Mentality
. Have Fun & Make MORE Money!

Our Valuable Services Include:

. Property Review and Candid Written Report
. Encouragement and Hands-On Staging
. Tradesman and Contractor Referrals
. Timely, Thorough, Impressive Work
. Clever, Innovative Ideas that Sell!
. Thrifty Shopping Tips & Services
. Brilliant Money Saving Advice
. Storage and Removal Solutions
. Humour & Leadership

Basic Principles of Home Staging

Home owners are selling their house not their home or their things. The house is the product to be marketed. Home staging ensures that your product is marketed to its best advantage by appealing to the widest percentage of buyers in its target market.

The way a homer owner lives in their home and the way they sell their house are two different things. Houses sell faster and for a better price when a buyers highest expectation of the property is fulfilled.

Home owners are selling a lifestyle as well as a house and property. Staging a home so that potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying a positive, abundant lifestyle will enhance both the price and the likelihood of a sale.

Becoming emotionally attached to a house requires the buyers to picture themselves living in it. It needs to look and feel as if it could be their home. If the house looks and feels strongly of its present owner the sale is more likely to be lost.

Staged homes elicit strong positive emotional and even subliminal responses from buyers. A buyer who has emotionally bought into a house will, in most cases, use logic to justify expanding their original price ceiling or giving up on features that were part of their original criteria.

Staged homes create positive first impressions. Marketing research shows that the buyers willingness to purchase any item is strongly affected either positively or negatively by their first impression.

Home buyers see how a house looks; not how it could look. Relying on the buyer to use their imagination will cost you money or the sale. Taking care of outdated features now will motivate buyers to make new and improved offers.

Home Staging is not the same as decorating; though both are about style. Decorating personalizes a home Staging depersonalizes a house.

Staged homes stand-out from other properties in the same price range.

Staged homes help obtain the best possible selling price. A well presented property is perceived as being well maintained. Buyers are less likely to look for defects or discount a purchase offer for repairs and improvements. Make the improvements yourself then you wont be walking away from the deal with your money left on the table.

Real Estate experts on the HGTV television program Design to Sell recommend a budget for preparing a house for market of 1% of the best asking price with an expected increase in value between 5-10%; depending on the type of improvements. In general, repairs to kitchens and bathrooms add the most value. (E.g. a house placed on the market at $300,000 should budget $3,000 for improving the market value of the property for a return on investment of between $15,000 and $30,000).

Your investment in staging the house, in most cases, will be less than the typical first price reduction of the property if it lingers unsold on the market. Amazingly, sellers, whose property fails to sell will drop the price by $10,000 without hesitation and yet baulk at investing $1,000 to improve the market value of their product in the first place.

Staged Homes tend to sell faster in a slow market and sell for a higher price in an active market. In either case, staged homes are more likely to sell than un-staged homes in the same market; and generally for a higher price. More Money Faster!

Kingston and Area Real Estate Association reports on average 1,100 properties sold each year. But, for every house that sells plenty more go stale on the market. Choosing to stage a property for sale could be the determining factor when placing homes on either side of that equation.

Style Sells sets the stage (the house) for the audience (your buyer) creating rave reviews (sale offers).

Financial Statistics

Average increase in sale price of a staged vs. non-staged home was 6.9% according to the 2004-2005 survey of 200 homes.

Average time on market of a staged home was 50 % less than a non-staged home according to the 2004-2005 survey of 200 homes.

Equity increase of a staged home is 3-5 % minimum or $26,000 average in some markets. Reported by Barb Schwarz, President and CEO of, and author of HOME STAGING The Winning Way To Sell The house For More Money.

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