Jennifer Heppell CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Victoria, BC

Servicing: All Victoria Communities

Additional Services: Home Decor for living Home Staging for selling Window Treatment and Design for decorating

Cell: 250 634 4087

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Jennifer is currently living in Victoria on Vancouver Island. She is an expert in the field of staging to sell your home and decor consulting to live in your home. She also works with clients to determine the best design option for their window treatments around durability, function and aesthetics.

Top 10 Reasons to stage your home

Professionally Staged Properties:

1.Look better than others on the market
2.Sell faster
3.Typically sell for more money
4.Look better in print and internet ads
5.Receive more foot traffic
6.End up on a buyer's "must see" list
7.Are viewed by buyers as "well maintained
8.Are viewed as "well maintained" by Appraisers
9.Are often appraised at a higher values
10.Are "move in ready"

Staging Works!
Use a stager, SELL your HOUSE!

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