Annette Mastracci CCSP®
Staging Consultant, Realtor

Located In: Fonthill, ON

Servicing: Revealing The True Potential Of Your Home Through: In Home Dialogue And Written Consultations & Recommendations, Strategic Design, Staging For Selling, Staging For Living, Occupied And Vacant Staging, Showcasing, Renovation , Work And Repair Referrals

Additional Services: Staging Services: Two Cents Tour & consolation (mini stage with verbal recommendations for the DIY'ers) Full written Consultation with Recommendations Vacant and Occupied staging for seeing with showcasing Staging for Living Supplier of furniture & decor Color Consulations (interior/exterior) including roofs Real Estate Services: Full realty services as a sales representative with Royal LePage, from our first meeting til Completion and Closing Comparative Market Analysis Marketing services and strategy including photos and marketing of property. Professional and competent service , Negotiation, full representation, counselling and communication with solicitor, etc.

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Annette is a decorating natural with a creative flair and a true appreciation for beauty. With seemingly effortless planning, she can transform bland into beautiful, a room into a dreamy retreat, a gloomy and humble setting into an inviting and illuminating haven, using colour, light, strategic decorating and design and her lifelong love of decorating and homes.

She realizes that not everyone is able to envision how a new paint colour could improve a room, how furniture placement, design and accessories could actually lift ones spirit and affect how they feel. She can always see the potential and ways to improve any space, and so she has put forth her talent to work for you, in creating rooms, homes and properties that feel spacious, have purpose, function well and look beautiful ...and ultimately, 'feel like home.

If your intention is to List and Sell your home, her end will be the Showcasing of your home. If you're looking to Stage for Living, her focus will be in creating a practical and functional design that is the retreat and nesting place that you have always wanted.

As a licensed realtor with Royal LePage, she continues to serve you with her knowledge, skills and experience of the real estate profession, market changes and activity and will provide you with top notch insights and knowledge to help you achieve the greatest return on your investment.

Your property may be the greatest and most important investment of your life. Details and staging can truly optimize it's current and resale value. Don't leave it to chance..leave it to Annette, a professional with integrity who loves what she're in good hands.

About me:

Born and raised in St.Catharines, Ontario, in a loving family with 3 siblings, I was surrounded by beauty, outside and inside the home, as my parents nurtured in us the love and appreciation for nature and creations, the importance of respect , integrity and living our faith, at leisure and at work.

My parents were immigrants to Canada that worked hard and ensued their entrepreneurial skills to advance in our community and assist others in need, as well as care for their children. They began a Custom-made Drapery business when I was about 8 years old. Both were interior decorators and my mother was the Picasso of sewing. By age 10, I was ready for my first paying job, sewing the hems and pleats on draperies, to perfection.

Learning the difficulties of family business, witnessing the commitment and skills of my parents, I was excited by the varieties of fabrics and the beautiful bolts of textiles, as I assisted my mother in searching for flaws before she began each project. She was a professional seamstress as well and made the most beautiful and elegant clothing. Always put together, always elegant, she inspired me and my love of fashion and decorating.

In Toronto, at Ryerson University, I obtained an Honors Bachelor of Business Management, BBM, majoring in Accounting and Finance. I spent my teens working in retail spending more money on clothes than I made, but my love of beautiful things, continued into my twenties. I learned excellent business skills and that spending more than you make, even if you're a teen, is not the best financial strategy to success!!! Who knew? .

My education and the need for financial stability lead me to opportunities in auditing and law enforcement, where I have invested the past 29 years (almost). My knowledge and experience gained is priceless, and it provided me a wonderful and flexible career while raising our 4 children. I continued, though, to remind myself frequently, how my passion was for 'all things Home': Cooking, baking, gardening, making crafts, decorating and floral design, renovating and designing, were truly where my talent and heart lies.

Compliments and encouragement from friends, family and acquaintances throughout my life relating to my creativity in the home, tastefulness, and my artistic designs has ultimately inspired me to lead with my heart and pursue what I do best. Home Staging, decorating and Real Estate are the perfect marriage of complementary professions, each enhancing the other. I believe that this provides me with a competitive edge and benefit to my clients, with knowledge and expertise in both areas.

As a Certified Home Stager, through 'Feels Like Home' Staging and Redesign and Full Service Realtor, I am at your service, fulfill your dreams and mine. After all,...I don't just sell homes, I sell dreams.

I take your dreams seriously and can't wait to get started.


My vision

Feels Like Home -staging & redesign

If you’ve ever visited somewhere that took your breath away or vacationed at a retreat where you felt like you hadn’t a care in the world, then you understand why staging is more than rearranging furniture and home decorating,…it’s about emotion. Staging at it’s best, appeals not only to the eyes of those searching for their next home, but to all of their senses. It creates appealing surroundings, that attract and appeal to our emotions and connect us with the 'feeling of home' that we all understand, so that we can even picture ourselves living there, feeling right at home.

Staging is not pretentious, it isn’t about hiding and concealing, it’s about accentuating and revealing the true potential of a property or home. Staging aspires to accentuate the greatest features and draw attention to them, which naturally distracts from the minor imperfections. Enhancing your home so that it ‘talks’ to the heart and soul is what Feel at Home Staging is all about.

When a woman sees an absolutely beautiful dress, or a man falls in love with the exotic sports car…it is their emotional attachment that leads them to purchase the item, even if it’s above their budget, as they can envision themselves in it. Homes are no different. Creating a beautiful living environment can overshadow less attractive features and can find purpose and value in new creative ways. Decorating, space design and accessorizing do not come naturally to everyone, and I feel privileged to help you to reveal your home or property’s full potential.

Perhaps you just want to fall in love with your home again. Allow me create a space that captures the feeling that makes you want to race home from work or stay home all day, with that ‘no place like home’ feeling. Let me help you to see your home through new eyes.

Home Staging is a beneficial investment decision that not only enhances your surroundings and pride in your property, but will increases the return on your investment and decreases the selling time of listed properties. Perhaps you think that you cannot afford it. The true question is, can you afford not to Stage your home with Feel at Home Staging?

Whatever your purpose, whatever your budget, it is my pleasure to work with you in designing a staging plan that will give a ‘space lift ‘ to your place and improve the selling potential and investment value of your home.

Annette Mastracci
Certified Staging Professional and Realtor

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