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The decision has been made, you have decided to list and sell your house. Now it will become one of the many properties on the competitive Real Estate market. What was once your home is now your investment. Take this seriously and treat accordingly if you want to have the competitive advantage.

Staging is the most effective marketing tool to sell your home faster and to maximize the selling dollar. It is the art of preparing a property for sale in the real estate market. The goal is to make the house appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.

With the assistance of Kellianne Hughson, your house can make a positive first impression to home buyers with a significant impact on the successful sale of your property. Kellianne is a certified professional stager and continues to study under international recognized trainer, Christina Rae of CSP. As well, Kellianne is a business graduate with a sales and marketing background who truly believes and understands the importance of team work. As a team, you - the seller, the real estate agent and Kellianne Hughson can work together to sell your house with lowering your days on the market for the highest return on your investment.


Contact Kellianne Hughson, Certified Staging Professional to book a consultation.

During the consultation I will do an in depth walk through of the property including the interior of the house and exterior to uncover the areas that should be addressed and provide you with solid recommendations. By being serious in regards to the staging process your property is more likely than not to sell faster and make you more money !!

Having your property ready will take planning and time depending on the condition of the house. From my experience, I have learned that planning and time management skills are a necessity with the process in order for the home owner to complete the project on time.

THE FIRST 5 DAYS after putting your house on the market will be when you get the greatest amount of excitement towards your house from potential buyers. It is imperative that your house/investment is show ready the day it is listed !



Certainly, as a seller you should pay to have a professional stager, especially if you predict the challenge of planning and preparing your house/investment will be overwhelming. The process is much more manageable when you have a step by step plan in place.
Kellianne Hughson can assist you by planning a consultation time to get you started and on the fast track to making your property show ready. To reach your end goal, GETTING THE MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME ON THE MARKET !!

Trained properly, a professional stager can be a valuable asset to your selling team.
Professional Stagers are trained in the art of preparing your home for resale. With the aid of a professional stager, your house can make a notable first impression on home buyers having a significant impact on the successful sale of your property !!


Real Estate Staging is a three step process

Step 1 – Consultation - IT JUST MAKES SENSE !!
During the consultation, I will be uncovering the current condition of the house and making recommendations as to what items should be addressed that will affect the sale of your property.

• Discussing your goals and the end result that you want to achieve with the sale of the property.

• Conducting a room by room detailed home assessment checklist that you the seller will keep. Included are the recommendations that have been made. This I will discuss with you in detail after my assessment is complete.

• Recommending and providing you with a manageable plan that is proven to be most effective will be discussed and given to you to help you set up for the Step 2 of your staging project. Included will be necessary items to consider in regards to planning, packing, organizing, and hiring outside contractors (if needed).

When we are finished with the consultation you will have an organized and manageable plan in place that will be very effective to aid in the smooth operation of your project.

This is the step when I can really be an asset in helping the home owner get motivated and organized !!

The following steps are much more manageable and the process makes a great deal more sense if you appreciate and follow through with the consultation.

And yes, if you continue to do the project yourself I will be available for any questions or concerns you have !!

STAGE TO SELL - Steps 2 and 3

Step 2 – Staging work – TIME TO GET BUSY!!

During this phase the plan from our consultation meeting will be put into play !! The time this step will take will vary depending on the condition, size and the desired outcome of the project.

It is extremely important to remember that you are transforming your home into marketable piece of property and you are wanting to get the highest return on your investment !!

This is the time to de-personalize the space and work towards presenting the house in a manner that will be very appealing to a large number of potential buyers.

REMEMBER ! If you have a plan of action the staging work will run much smoother and in a timely manner - YOU WANT YOUR HOUSE READY TO SHOW THE DAY YOU LIST !!

Step 3 – Showcasing – THE SECRET WEAPON !!

The final step is the secret weapon. Placing furniture and accessories to highlight your properties top selling features !! YOU want your property to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, YOU want your property to be at the top of THE LIST !!

So many concepts play a part in having your house showcased properly. Depending on what it is you are showcasing for with the property, photo /video shoot for the internet or the open house or private showings will have an impact on the details such as furniture placement, lighting, accessories etc.

The challenge with the showcasing is to be able to present your house in a manner that is geared towards the buyers perception. From the moment those potential buyers do their first drive by or view the photos on the internet your house needs to scream , “ YOU LOVE ME AND YOU WANT TO BUY ME”!!

Hiring a professional Stager can have a tremendous impact on how your house will be presented to the market when it is listed.

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