Kim Pearse
Staging Consultant

Located In: Silver Point, TN

Servicing: Serving Center Hill Lake Area, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Baxter, Smithville, Cookeville, Lancaster, And Middle Tennessee And Surrounding Areas.

Additional Services: Staging for Selling, Staging for living, Color Consultation, Room Makeover, Event & Holiday Staging, Vacation Rental Staging,

Phone: 615 852 5045
Cell: 614 203 9750

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Kim has a unique perspective to assist real estate agents, homeowners and builders to market properties to potential buyers using the proven proprietary CSP process. With her sense of design and a comprehensive plan, she knows how to show off the great features of a home.

Plus, her husband and four kids will tell you that she’s always had at least one room in the house “in-progress” and that didn’t always mean redecorating.

She believes every home can be beautiful, regardless of the size or price tag. By starting with what you have, adding a detailed and proven plan, and supplementing where needed with accessories, any room can be impressive. And Kim knows impressive doesn’t have to be expensive.

She founded Center Hill staging with a passion for design and an expertise in understanding color, size, scale, and function. When not working with amazing clients, she can be found spending time with her husband, her four adult children, reading, traveling, or scouring retail shops for affordable treasures.

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