Mary Gordon CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Niagara Falls, ON

Servicing: Niagara Region

Additional Services: Home Styling, Staging For Living, Curb Appeal Staging and Lifestyle/Fashion Styling.

Cell: 289 969 2341

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At Amaryllis Homes, we are decision makers and we have a knack for repurposing and reinventing items you already own, so don't think partnering with a home stylist or stager is reserved for a select crowd. When it comes to staging your home for sale, our marketing savvy, coupled with the ability to reinvent spaces that appeal to target buyers, ensures top dollar on the biggest sale of a home owner's life! Ultimately, our goal is to empower our clients to love their homes or, get their homes sold for top dollar, whatever the case may be!

About Amaryllis

We are about all things home! An Amaryllis Home is one that reflects its true potential through fresh, simple styling; styling that makes old things new again and understands that a home is meant to be lived in. Amaryllis Homes offer inspired interiors that reflect an easy lifestyle and function for real life.

Our belief is that every house can become a home through creative styling and reimagining interior spaces, regardless of budget. In fact, our expertise is in working with what you've got and layering new elements for a home that welcomes, comforts and tells your own story.

Meet Mary

Amaryllis Homes is owned and operated by Niagara native, Mary Gordon. Mary is a Home Stylist and Professional Certified Home Stager with a career history in sales and marketing.

Mary's passion and talent for turning houses into homes with maximum impact and building value on a minimum budget has made her the go-to stylist for homeowners with projects both big and small.

And, when it comes to staging your home for sale, Mary's marketing savvy, coupled with her ability to reinvent spaces that appeal to target buyers, ensures top dollar on the biggest sale of a home owner's life!

Working with home owners and real estate professionals alike, Amaryllis Homes wants to be your partner in creating new beginnings that start at home. Love where you live.

Home Makeovers

Home owners seek out our interior styling & staging services for projects both big and small. Whether you are renovating your entire home, have an urge to re-create just one space or are preparing your home for sale, the decisions are endless. We want to partner with you and help you navigate through these exciting (and somewhat stressful) times.

Home Market

Amaryllis Market offers a curated collection of unexpected home decor and re-imagined furniture pieces; with our signature mix of old and new.

The Market reflects the interior styles we love the most at Amaryllis; including fresh farmhouse, vintage apartment, casual beach house and rustic north styles.

Get Inspired. Shop Amaryllis Market. Opening Online Fall 2018.

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