Alice Ransom
Staging Consultant

Located In: Daly City-Palm Springs, CA

Servicing: San Francisco Bay Area: Including San Francisco, Daly City, San Bruno, San Mateo, Palm Springs Area: Including Palm Springs, Cathedral City Desert Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage

Additional Services: Re-decorating, color consulting, transitional decorating: from larger homes to smaller homes

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Cell: 415 269 8926

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"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Mark Twain

The team at Classic Interiors: Staging & Design will stage your home to create a GREAT first impression to potential buyers resulting in a speedier sale at the highest possible price and according to CNN Money can provide you with a competitive edge over similar homes. We work with realtors, banks, homeowners and builders.

According to the National Association of Realtors' "2014 Profile of Buyers & Sellers", comprised of the survey of 6,572 recent home buyers, 92% used the internet in their search, and 83% found photos on websites "very useful". Thus, these photos of your home on the internet may be the first impression of your home potential buyers may have.

Should your home survive screening on the internet and goes on the "must see list", 72% of buyers will do a drive by the property they are considering and if the property has very little curb appeal, they drive right on by to the next property without even stopping.

If as a result of the drive by, potential buyers are sufficiently impressed with the house, they then enter the house and spend no more than 3 minutes inspecting the house. Keep in mind, that buyers usually look at no more than 10 houses before making the decision to buy.

Classic Interiors will prepare your house to make the best first impression not only on the internet, but also the drive by and the inspection of the interior, resulting in the property remaining on the market a much shorter time and obtaining the highest price possible in a very cost effective matter.


Classic Interiors Staging & Design is a full service staging, re-decorating, downsizing, transitional decorating, color consulting firm. Our projects include both residential and commercial projects encompassing: both vacant and occupied homes, condos, model homes, short term rental properties, beach and desert homes, manufactured homes, offices, hotels, motels, apartment buildings, bank properties. distressed properties, foreclosures.

For "Do It Yourselfers" we can provide a consultation consisting of a room-by-room analysis of the property as well as an analysis of the exterior and then we will provide you with written recommendations as to how to best prepare your home for sale.

About us

We stage properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Palm Springs Area.

Alice Ransom, a Certified Staging Professional, is a native San Franciscan, a graduate of the University of San Francisco, with a B.S. from the College of Professional Studies in Management. She is certified as a staging professional by the CPS International Business Training Academy as well as certified in Design and Color by San Francisco State University in a program designed by and taught by well known designers to the elite of San Francisco Dr. Ken Fehrman, and Sherry Fehrman. Additionally, she has studied Interior design from San Francisco celebrity designer and author John Wheatman at UC San Francisco.

Alice has worked many years in the SF legal community as a Complex Litigation Paralegal-Trial Specialist, a Paralegal Coordinator and trainer.

Alice staged her first home in 2004 for a relative who had rented out the house for a number of years. The house was a dirty shambles inside and out including holes in the walls, the front and back yards were nothing but dirt and a few dried up tufts of grass. When work first commenced on the home, a real estate agent happened by and asked to see the house. Her remarks were that the house was a "real dog" and would not fetch much on the market.

After the house was fully staged, the house was described in sales literature as "elegant". The house was on the market for only 3 weeks and received 7 offers all over the dream asking price. It sold for $130,000 over the asking price.
Staging works folks!

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