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Rearrangements Home Staging Helps You Sell Your Home Faster

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"Getting ready to sell and move is stressful. We help you prepare your property so buyers will fall in love with it - so you will get more traffic, better offers and faster sale." Martha Stanton-Smith CCSP, owner.

Selling Your Home Can Be an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Home Selling Roller Coaster

It depends on your selling strategy.

Get it wrong and you are in for a long and stressful selling process, an emotional roller coaster ride. You start with anticipation, wondering:

     “How soon will we get an offer?”

With no offers after a few weeks, you start to feel the fear: You worry:

     “Will we have to cut our price to sell?”

Having your private spaces on public view and your routine interrupted by showings on short notice starts to be stressful. Cancellations, negative feedback and lack of results will make you feel like screaming.

Even when you finally do get an offer, you wonder:

     “Should we counter offer, and what should it be?”

Until the negotiations are completed, your heart will be in your mouth when the phone rings. Even when you think you have a deal, a failed home inspection or denied financing could throw you back onto the home selling ride for another gut wrenching circuit.

You may be unable to finalize plans or arrange for your move until your house is sold. Or worse, you could be struggling with carrying costs of two homes or even having your family temporarily separated.

The whole process can be a nightmare.

Get your selling process under control and your life back

With the right strategy, your sale can take half the time without sacrificing your price.

Imagine this. During the showing period your uncluttered, staged home feels calming and is easy to maintain. It has been neutralized and de-personalized so you begin to detach emotionally. Many potential buyers request showings. The feedback is positive.

In a short time you receive a great offer, perhaps even multiple offers. Negotiations go smoothly because your buyers are motivated by the value, not nit picking over minor flaws. You are confident that your home was marketed in the best possible way and you are getting your best possible price.

Soon, with showings over, your privacy is restored and you know exactly where you stand financially. You begin to get ready for your move and find it easy because your home is organized and your extra belongings are already pre-packed. You are ready to move on towards those goals which spurred you to sell in the first place.

You are not alone - many homeowners sell their homes the hard way

beautiful dining room table set with tulips

They don't realize that padding their asking price causes lost opportunity and drags the process out, ultimately resulting in a lower selling price.

They are oblivious to changes in their neighbourhood, and don't realize that their home may not appeal to current buyers who have different taste and lifestyles from theirs.

They mistakenly think buyers would prefer to choose their own upgrades when actually six out of ten will pay a premium for a move-in ready home over one that needs work.

Reluctant to spend on a place they are selling, many don't realize that they will pay even more for work left undone because offers will be lower. They may fear there is too much work and feel they can't handle it. The trouble is, viewers will think the same thing and lose interest in the house.

Many homeowners don't even recognize the deficiencies of their home because it's very hard to look at your own place objectively through buyer's eyes.

Some homeowners even delay any de-cluttering or pre-packing, thinking it will be awhile before they have to move. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Others cling to their privacy by refusing lawn signs or lock boxes and making appointments for showings hard to get. These things all make effective marketing impossible, prolonging their misery.

The good news is that you can make the process much easier, less stressful and more financially rewarding.

What you need to do to sell your house quickly and for the best possible price

Every home sale is impacted by location, price, the house's features and presentation, marketing and the people involved. Use these factors to create a realistic, complete selling strategy:

  • Set your asking price as close as possible to the anticipated market value.

  • Hire the right real estate agent.

  • Make your home easy to access for showings.

  • Negotiate flexibly.

  • Ensure your home is presented at it's absolute best by investing in home staging, including making any necessary repairs and updates.

If you are a homeowner who is selling, the wisest investment you can make is in professional staging. Modest investments in home staging have an estimated return on investment (ROI) of more than 3 to 1. Studies show staged homes sell in half the time and for five percent more on average compared to un-staged.

Rearrangements is a Kingston, Ontario based home staging business. We work with homeowners, real estate agents and builders to prepare and showcase homes for faster and more profitable sales. We will consult with you on what needs to be done, oversee the updates for you and then showcase your property. Often we use what you already own but we can arrange for rental items where necessary.

By understanding how buyers buy, and precisely who your target buyers will be, Rearrangements' home stagers help attract viewers and convert them into buyers.

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