Christina Thurston CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Freelton, ON

Servicing: Oakville, Mississauga, Georgetown, Milton.

Additional Services: Consultations, Staging Preparation, Showcasing, Organized Living and Move-In Assistance

Phone: 416 569 9241

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The Staging Group is a professional staging service provider dedicated to helping you sell, rent or lease your property faster, for more money and allowing you to move onto the next phase of your life with ease.

We are professionally trained to take care of all of your staging needs from curb appeal to interior final touches down to the last detail.

We are committed to ensuring your property has that “WOW” factor buyers are looking for!

Why call The Staging Group?

Selling your home can be a stressful and at times overwhelming process. Not sure where to start? Not sure what really needs to be done? At The Staging Group we can make it stress free, fast and easy! We will walk you through each step of the process; develop a plan that is specific to you, your budget and your timeline. To book your consultation, contact us at or call us at 416-569-9241.

What is staging?

Real Estate Staging is NOT decorating.

It DOES NOT require the home owner to purchase all new furniture and accessories.

Real Estate Staging IS the process of preparing and showcasing a property for sale.

It is preparing to effectively market the property.

Why do I need a Stager?

Buyers are looking for move-in-ready homes.
Staged homes look better in MLS pictures and therefore draw a larger group of potential buyers to view the home.

Can’t buyers use their imagination?

Some buyers can’t or don’t’ want to use their imagination. Some people find it difficult to see beyond what’s right in front of them in order to see the potential that a property has to offer. Staging shows them exactly what the benefits are of a property and allows them to develop an emotional connection.

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