Sonia Girotto DeBortoli CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Vaughan, ON

Servicing: Gta, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, King City, Mississauga, Milton

Additional Services: renovations, organizing, decluttering, re-designing

Phone: 905 303 6090
Cell: 416 464 7554

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Hello, I'm Sonia. I specialize in assisting Homeowners and their Realtors to get their properties ready to sell faster and for more equity by staging.


Home Staging is a process wherein I help you and your Realtor prepare your home, your most equitable possession, for a timely and profitable sale. This is afterall our ultimate goal. Whether the property is occupied or vacant, a potential Buyer(s) must be able to envision it as theirs. Home staging can range from a simple consultation with the Vendor(s) about how to reduce clutter to a complete furniture and accessories showcasing project.


A staged home sells faster and for more money than a home presented to the market in "as is" condition.

With a small fee, you will gain your best return on investment; not only in time but in money as well.

Buyers prefer to see staged homes; they are not just "live-in" ready, they are "move-in" ready.

Let DeBortoli Design Inc. help you; we know what you're going through. Our Realtor sold our home in less than 24 hours for a record breaking price.


1. It's picture perfect...90% of Buyers first begin their property search on-line.
2. First impressions sell... Buyers will make a decision about your home in the first 3-6 seconds.
3. Your home will stand out from the rest of the competition.
4. Home Staging costs less than your FIRST price reduction.
5. Sixty-three (63%) percent of Buyers are willing to pay more for a staged home.

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