Patricia A Morgan CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Elmira, ON

Servicing: Kitchener/waterloo, Elmira, Guelph, Fergus, Elora, Baden, St. Clements. Also, Barry's Bay, Bancroft, Killaloe, And Round Lake. (cottage Staging)

Additional Services: Colour Consultations De-cluttering Custom Headboards Mirror Framing Personal Shopping Custom Décor Pillows

Phone: 519 571 4925
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I am dedicated to providing a high quality, professional service that responds with integrity and sensitivity to the needs of all my clients. I believe that each project is a unique challenge, and am committed to providing truly creative solutions, individually tailored to the diverse needs of all my client groups.
Enabling clients to realize their homes maximum potential is paramount in today’s market and being aware of current trends and continually updating my qualifications allows me to offer effectively a cutting edge service that can respond in a quickly changing environment.


While living overseas, I took the opportunity to pursue my true passion in Interior Decorating. Living in Saudi Arabia was not the easiest place for a women to continue education, so, I chose (ICS) International Correspondence School in Montreal allowing me to study in the comfort of my own home and graduating with highest honours (yr.2000). After a 4yr stay in Saudi Arabia my husband was offered a job in Atlanta Georgia. It was there where I took any opportunity I could get to attend decorating workshops and was asked to work on my first project a Nursery. Since then, I have completed a number of successful decorating projects.

Home staging seemed to be the next logical step to compliment my Interior Decorating career. As a very young girl I was constantly rearrange my families living room, bedrooms and not to mention linen closets. I guess I could say that redesign always came naturally. We have personally owned two houses that sold on the market one 3 days and the other two months in a very slow market in Atlanta, Georgia shortly after 9/11.

What is Staging?

Staging is not a decorating process, but is a smart marketing tool used to prepare, enhance, and showcase properties for a quick sale and for top dollar.
People buy properties with their emotions, by visualizing themselves, and or, their families living and entertaining in these spaces. As a trained professional stager, we have the expertise, to enhance, prepare and showcase the selling features of properties on the market.

4 Steps to showcasing your home

Step 1

The Consultation: 2-3hr (depending on square footage of the home) starting from the outside and in.
Each room is evaluated with our Room Ready Handbooks. In the handbook is a list of action items that are required to be completed before listing.
The client will be addressed with the more critical action items at the end of the tour and will be left with the Room Ready Handbook.

Step 2

Upon agreement of Staging, a contract will be drawn up, outlining fees, special requirements and payment requirements.
This will vary depending if the client requires furniture rental and accessories.

Step 3

Show casing the property for MLS photos and Open house.

Step 4

De-Staging after the house sells. We come back and remove furniture and accessories if rentals were required.

Did you know that?

85% of potential buyers, shop online before viewing?

By listing your home on a Friday are 12% more likely to sell in 90 days?

Vacant homes typically sit on the market for 120 days and only 26 days after staging?

Occupied homes typically sit on the market 102 days and only 45 days after staging?

By staging your home increases traffic flow when viewed online, therefore, could drive up the price and a confirmed sales within that three month window?

That homes that are not staged help sell staged homes?

10 Reasons to Stage your home

Looks better that un-staged homes
Sell faster
Typically sell for more money
Look better on line
Receive more traffic
End up on buyers must see list
View as well maintained
Viewed as well maintained by appraisers
Often appraised at a higher value
Are move in ready

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