Julie M. Small CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Oakville, ON

Servicing: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, St Catherines, Niagara.

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Phone: 905 465 0545
Cell: 905 808 2460

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Jms Home Staging & Design will strategically place, reorganise or recommend removal to attract potential buyers, making the difference from a short listed house to a must have house.

Tel:905 4650545 or cell: 905 8082460

Julie M Small

From the moment I finished renovating my first home in England at 21 years of age. I loved creating warm welcoming spaces. With over 20 years experience in home design and renovations it is great to put my training as a CSP™ and build on that passion. I love meeting new people and making a difference in their lives.

Pre Listing Service

As a CSP™ I provide Realtors and Home owners with valuable advice, inexpensive ideas to bring out the best in their property. Beauty, elegance and style doesn't have to come at a premium. As a CSP™ I have the knowledge and techniques to help give your home that edge over the competition. By using your own furniture and accessories as the foundation.

Released statistics from Maritz Research revealed 63% of buyers are willing to pay more money for a home that does not require any renovations. Also, 79% of homeowners surveyed said they would be willing to invest up to $5,000 to get their property ready for sale. This is an indicator of the need for expert advice of how to secure the most equity in the shortest time.

Home Staging Consultation

I will assess your property in a concise step by step report from the curb appeal all the way through your home. This step by step booklet will aid you in targeting the areas that need attention.

Showcase your property

After the consultation I will apply techniques and methods to use existing furniture to create a warm, emotionally inviting space. Showcasing every inch and making it come alive.

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