Melody Eeuwes CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Haydon, ON

Servicing: Uxbridge, Markham, Brooklin, Port Perry, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Newtonville, Orono, Garden Hill, Port Hope, Cobourg, Lindsay, Peterborough

Additional Services: Garden & Patio Design, Space Planning, Professional Organizer, Personal Shopper, Event & Seasonal Consulting, Interior & Colour Consultations, Staging For Outdoor Living, Visual Merchandising, Model Homes, Vacant Properties, Room Makeover

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A ONE STOP SOLUTION TO GET YOUR PROPERTY MARKET READY! Please have a look at our website!!


  • Does this house stand out from others currently on the market ? Is it on the "must see list"

  • Is it clean, spacious, organized and ready for any potential buyers. Does it match their criteria and lifestyle?

  • Is your client getting fair market value for their property or could a few minor changes be made to give it that "professional look"

  • Are your photographs, whether for your sales flyers, Internet or feature sheets, the very best they could be for securing a sale?

  • A property listed to long usually requires price reductions, resulting in lower commission and unhappy clients.

  • Afraid to offend the homeowner especially if their home is their pride and joy? A Certified Professional Stager will always be able to step in as a "Third Party" and mention all the work that needs to be done, removing that awkward situation.


  • Staged properties sell twice as fast and for up to 6% (Coldwell Banker)more money than a property that has not been staged. Receive the maximum commission while saving time and money.

  • Staging will give you the competitive edge over the other agents in your area, with the right price and exceptional condition, it will make your property "stand out in the crowd". Go above your competition with great results. (AOL-2006) 87% said home staging made a difference in a sale of a property.

  • Staged properties brought over 300% returns on the sellers investment (Home Gain Survey); money that is in you clients pockets.

  • Staging will provide you with outstanding professional looking photographs. Whether the inside or out, every sale starts with that "1st Impression". Make your property look the very best it could be right from the very start.

  • Stagers view a property in the "buyers eyes" emphasizing the positive selling features of the property. Minimizing problem areas and changing its condition to bring out the very best potential of the property. Sellers need to impress their agents. 83% of buyers regard their opinion. (Maritz)

  • Staged properties gets you on that "must see list". According to N.A.R. 90% of homebuyers search on the Internet first. 74% drive by first. Curb appeal ranks the highest on cost vs. value. It brings the most value per dollar spent. (R&R Magazine 2008-09) If the outside is outstanding and appealing to the eye, you can be sure buyers will be calling to see the inside.

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  • Staging looks at your home in the 'buyers eyes". We accentuate the important selling features and minimize the negative, concentrating on space and harmony. We transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Staged homes sell twice as fast and for a higher return. Potential buyers are educated and looking for quality. With their very busy lifestyles, they need to be able to envision their belongings in your home making it "move in ready".

  • Staged homes attract more realtors and buyers for showings. It gives your property the "competitive edge" over other properties in your area. "First Impression's" occur within seconds of entering a home.

  • Stagers emphasize curb appeal. Today 90% of people start looking for a home on the Internet. Over 74% drive by first. Stagers work with and change if necessary the condition of your property to give it a "Professional Look" putting your home in "1st position" from the very beginning.


    1. Get the"move in ready" look.
    2. Get top market value.
    3. Reduce the time on the market.

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    Why hire a Certified Staging Professional to do the job?
    We are educated, knowledgeable and experienced in our field. We stand by our code of conduct and are fully insured. We take pleasure in working with our homeowners to get the maximum equity in all types of markets and get the sold sign up as quickly as possible.

    We can do the maximum or whatever your financial plan allows.

    STEP 1


    We will view the property's interior and exterior taking into consideration the condition through the "buyers eyes". It is approximately 2 hours depending on the size of the home. We will then provide you with a detailed 56-page report listing areas on how to effectively prepare your property for sale. We will also list 3 top recommendations that should be completed first, as these are the ones that, if resolved, would bring a higher return on investment. (Ex. painting "staging safe colors, replacing or refinishing floors, landscape ideas) This will include suggestions about complimenting paint colors, minimizing and storing items, organizing, minor repairs, as well as other tips.

    STEP 2

    This process includes all or some of the recommendations during the consultation. You can make the decision to do it yourself or have professional trades people complete the work. As a Certified Staging Consultant we are able to pass on discounts for products and services through our preferred pricing partners on things like moving and storage, junk removal, paint, furniture, etc.

    STEP 3

    Our training, experience and support systems give us knowledge and imagination to transform your property into its best potential. The one that sticks in the minds of buyers, as their "favorite" of the day. We focus on the selling features of the home, concentrating on flow, space and minimizing attention on less attractive elements. We choose accessories or props for each room to catch the buyers' attention.


    Our mission is to provide our customers with professional service, skills, dedication, and quality. With our experience, knowledge, integrity and expertise, we are committed to working with property owners to achieve the maximum selling potential for your home. Whenever possible, utilizing the property owner's belongings which allows us to provide exceptional service at an affordable and reasonable price. We continually educate ourselves with new styles and developments in the industry so you can sell your property for the optimum "VALUE" it is worth.


    Certified Staging Professional
    Interior Design Certificate
    10 Years Garden & Landscape Design
    Continuing Education in Seasonal Floral Design, Drapery, Upholstery

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