Lesley King CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Barrie, ON

Servicing: Barrie, Stroud, Midhurst, Innisfil, Alliston And Area.

Additional Services: Staging Consultations & Services/ Furniture and accessory rental Staging of Vacant Properties/ Re-Design Consultations/ E-store @ www.stagepresence.ca

Phone: 705 728 5373

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Proudly Serving Barrie and Area Realtors® and Home sellers for over 8 years as a CCSP.


Bringing creativity and years of experience to each job!

With an Honours Degree in Fashion and Design and a CCSP™ designation, I can help you uncover all the potential your home has to offer. Whether you're preparing your house for the market, or redesigning your home to enjoy.


ASK ME HOW TO GET FREE HOME STAGING, call today for details.

The best time to Stage your house is BEFORE you place it on the market. Opening your door before the work is done could mean losing an offer to your competition.
Call Lesley for more information or visit us at www.stagepresence.ca

Trying to sell a Vacant Property?

Potential buyers make a decision to purchase a property based on emotion. If you're showing an empty space...that's all they see. Energy is wasted trying to mentally calculate if all their belongings will fit! Plus they will be focusing on any negative they may see, while ignoring the features of the space. Stage Presence can create a warm, inviting and irresistible feeling of "HOME", with our extensive variety of inventory. We can create a welcoming environment with furniture, art and accessory rentals. Your property will show to the 9'S.

Proudly serving Realtors® and Home Sellers in the Barrie Area for over 5 years.

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