Sandra Porter CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Toronto, ON

Servicing: Toronto, Beaches, Riverdale, East York, Leaside

Additional Services: Staging for Living - refreshing your interior!

Phone: 647 505 9157

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Call us to find out how to maximize your return on your largest investment! We'll get it sold fast and for the best return!

My mission is to help clients position their well-loved property at the top of competitive listings and put them ahead in the marketplace.

Why do I need to Stage my Home?

Home owners often think, "But my home is nice enough - isn't it?" What the owner doesn't realize is that selling real estate is a competition between properties and it isn't sufficient for your home to be pretty or "nice enough" if it doesn't attract buyers.

Staging is about tapping into the psychology of buyers, not just making homes pretty. Your Real Estate Professional will assess the target demographic for your home and a Canadian Certified Staging Professional (CCSP) will ensure that your property is ready for market and attracts the right buyer!

How much is this going to cost?

An important question to be sure! Did you know that a recent survey of real estate clients revealed that 79% of people said they'd be willing to invest up to $5,000 in their property if they knew what to spend it on?
At Porter Home we strive to work with the clients' budget and provide a fair and comprehensive evaluation of your property.

We encourage the seller to envision that a successful sale involves spending some money up front, when the budget is under their control; not waiting until after the property is sitting on the market for 45 days with no interest. As everyone knows, a price cut on your property - most likely your single largest investment ever - is not going to be just a few thousand dollars. As your see your money slipping away, anxiety sets in making the selling process extremely stressful. Our services are designed to prevent that stress by ensuring your property is ready for market and no detail is overlooked.

Our Services:

At Porter Home, we will:

  • Come to your home for a consultation

  • Help outline a plan of action to get the property ready

  • Execute the action plan if the client does not have the time, including organizing painters, furniture rental, external storage etc.

  • Implement the finishing touches on your home at the final stage, and coordinate with your realtor so you're ready for your Open House!

Staging for Living - Fall in Love with your Home all over again!

In addition to preparing homes for sale, Porter Home also offers full service decorating services for individuals who wish to refresh their current living space. Perhaps you're downsizing? The children have moved out? Or perhaps you need help reorganizing or choosing paint colours for your new home? Whatever the design dilemma, we can help!

Why Choose Porter Home?

At Porter Home our clients appreciate our personalized treatment designed to alleviate stress, target the priorities and get the property sold as quickly as possible for the largest return possible. We offer a wide variety of services from small to large jobs, occupied to vacant; we treat every project with the same meticulous attention to detail.

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