Jane A. Fowler
Staging Consultant

Located In: Walnut Creek, CA

Servicing: Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Orinda, San Ramon, Pittsurg

Additional Services: In addition to staging services, we can provide the services of Real Estate Broker with experience in regular and short sales, condos, vacation homes, first time home buyers, trustee sale properties. We have personal experience with bank owned and distressed homes. Rob is certified in Green Real Estate practices, the HAFA program and is a Certified Distressed Property Expert. Please visit our website for more information.

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Cell: 925 451 6573

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Being a professional Stager is a second career for me. I spent 25 years as a teacher of adult education and as a nutrition consultant. I work with my husband Rob who is a Real Estate Broker. We have made the choice to do this because we love what we do! Staging is particularly satisfying because it finds solutions for each property that make it shine.

Together, Rob and I provide many services for buyers and sellers. We begin by knowing that no two properties are alike and no two clients are alike. To find the best solutions for each client and each property we work closely with our clients to meet their particular needs. We have used green principles in our home, and Rob has specialized training and experience and can guide you in this. We have personal experience in renovating and selling distressed properties - quickly and for a profit. We believe in doing things the right way - quality materials and work done by licensed professionals. We work hard to provide our clients with the personal attention that will make real estate transactions successful and satisfying. To learn more about us be sure to read our testimonials by clicking on the "visit my website" tab on the left side of this page and then clicking on testimonials.

What can we do for you?

* Give our own fresh perspective on how your property presents itself.

* Each client and property is unique. We offer options that meet the needs of each client.

* As a full service company we can handle all of your needs. This means preparation - cleaning, paint, organizing, etc. - to final showcasing.

* Provide expert service backed by professional training and experience.

* Focus on helping lots of people envision themselves living in your home.

* Help owners sell their properties quickly and for more money than if the property had not been staged.

* Our business is built on trust and integrity. We are committed to client satisfaction.

The Staging Process

1. A consultation by phone to overview the complete staging process and options. Collect some information on your property and answer any questions you may have.

2. Consultation at your home. Any other questions or concerns that may have come up will be addressed. Tour the home and compile the recommendations. Discuss staging options, pricing and any budget concerns.

3. A comprehensive staging proposal will be written and delivered to you in person or by email, as you prefer.

4. The homeowner decides on the what, who and when, from the staging proposal, that will fit their needs and their budget.

5. The preparation work will be completed. This may range from complete service, with little or no home owner participation, to the owner completing the chosen work on their own.

6. The showcasing is completed.

7. The property is listed for sale.

What do Buyers look for?

Knowing what buyers are looking for is part of the expertise of certified staging professionals. We prepare the property for sale to attract the most buyers possible. Right now, buyers want:

* To preview the home from the internet. If it looks appealing, they will drive by.

* When they drive by, curb appeal is so important. If potential buyers drive by and do not like what they see, they will keep on going and not even enter the property.

* Buyers want to like what they see right when they come in the door. You have about 10 seconds to grab their interest. If they don't see what they like immediately, it will affect they way they see everything else and probably cause them to reject the property.

The properties that are selling fastest are well-priced homes in prime communter locations and in top showing conditions. They have the following features in common:

* the buyer can move right in and has nothing to do to the home.

* Great kitchen, with granite counters and stainless steel appliances.

* Updated bathrooms.

* Everything is sparkling clean.

* When potential buyers see this type of property, it is easy for them to see themselves and their possessions moved in.

Benefits of Staging

Potential home buyers are not good at visualizing themselves in a home that is filled with the personal belongings of the seller. Taste specific decorations, personal momentoes and photos, and lots of possessions distract buyers from seeing the assets of a home or from seeing themselves living in the home. Deferred maintenance, less than sparkling clean conditions, strong odors from pets and cooking translate into unpleasant projects to be done in the midst of already busy and over committed lives.
A well staged home has none of these distractions. Instead, it gives buyers a vision of comfort, organization and peace. Staging sets a property in a class above other comparable properties. Pricing a property well and staging it will help it sell faster and for a higher price than if you don't stage it. The costs of a well planned staging more than pay for themselves by putting more money in your wallet and faster!

Certified Staging Professionals