Darlene Phillips CCSP®
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Located In: Oakville, ON

Servicing: Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga And Surrounding Areas

Additional Services: Home Staging, Redesign, Interior Decoration, Home Organization, Seasonal House Trimmings, Downsizing, Home Accessorizing, Project Management

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If getting the most from your home, is either selling for top price in the shortest amount of time, enjoying warm, comforting spaces, having well functioning rooms, delighting in beautiful dream interiors or entertaining with pride and confidence, you can stop looking you’ve found the right people.

We make first impressions lasting impressions!
Let Home Decorating Solutions creatively deliver you the WOW! results you are looking for with your Home Staging, Redecorating needs, wants and dreams.

Hi, I am Darlene Phillips, the Founder of Home Decorating Solutions.

From a very young age I was learning the tools of the trade!My father did handyman jobs, after work and on weekends for people on our street that needed help , who couldn’t or didn’t know how to do it themselves and wanted someone they could trust. I would tag along with him and learned so much from being hands on, not just about the intricate work itself but also how to treat people. With my Father as our leader and teacher, my family built our own cottage from the ground up. It was a great learning experience and confidence builder from start to finish. I learned the value of a dollar and a hard days work. My siblings and I continue to utilize these skills today.

My passion for the home staging, decorating and real estate industries, my creative abilities and my desire to help people contribute to running a successful business. I have honed my skills and built my knowledge through extensive training in a variety of disciplines and hands on experience.

Why should I stage my home?

Home staging is a valuable tool that helps improve the perceived value of your home. A home that is professionally staged will most likely sell more quickly then an unstaged home. Staged homes usually sell for a higher price, too.
How much does home staging cost?

The price of home staging varies depending upon whether your home is vacant or occupied. Also affecting the price are the size of the home and the number of rooms to be staged, as well as other factors. The least expensive service is to hire us for a home staging consultation, if your home will be occupied while on the market. We’ll walk through the house with you and explain in detail everything we feel needs to be done to get you home sold quickly and for the most money. You will have the option to do the work yourself, or hire us to stage all or part of your home. We’ll be happy to discuss your options before coming out to your home and help you choose the most cost effective services.

Do you have any proof that home staging works?

While there is no guarantee that your home will sell if you have it staged, given the many factors involved that can affect the sale, such as price, location, marketing, ease of showing, etc. there are stats that prove home staging is a viable option in getting your home sold more quickly. According to a survey conducted by the Real Estate Staging Association, homes that were previously on the market and then staged sold 78% faster than if the home remained unstaged. Home Gain’s 2009 survey of 1000 real estate agents found that an investment in home staging netted the homeowner a return of 586%!

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