Lorna Ferdenando-Farrell
Staging Consultant

Located In: Coffs Harbour, NSW

Servicing: Coffs Harbour And Surrounding Areas On The Nsw Mid-north Coast

Additional Services: Furniture & Accessory Hire, After-Staging White Glove Service, Property Restyling, Colour Consulting

Phone: 026 653 7171
Cell: 040 939 2768

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I, Lorna Ferdenando-Farrell, am the owner of Lorna Farrell Home Staging. I am an ACSP (Australian Certified Staging Professional) qualified staging professional based in Coffs Harbour on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Once you decide to put your property up for sale you want it to look in show-house condition so potential buyers can see themselves living there. The process of getting your property "move-in" ready, to appeal to the majority of buyers, is known as home staging or property styling. It is best to stage your home before any marketing begins and even before an estate agent views it - they also need to be "wowed" and impressed. This is where the sale begins.

As a professional home stager, and the owner of Lorna Farrell Home Staging, located in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, I can help you sell your property faster for the best price. I have the tools to create that all important first impression that would make buyers fall in love with your house. Don't reduce your price - increase your style factor and sell for top dollar.

I qualified as a Certified Professional Stager in 2010 and am bound by a strict Code of Conduct. I am committed to ongoing education in the field, to keep pace with the trends. These trends are tracked by ongoing studies and polls through our training company in Canada. We, in Australia, sell property in the same way as they do in Canada and the United States, where staging is almost a pre-requisite for all successful real estate professionals - in any kind of market. They want to sell the properties on their books quickly and at the best possible price. Today's buyers are well-informed and have high expectations when viewing a property. My job is to relieve you of the stress of performing this all-important aspect of marketing your home, by preparing the property to appeal to the majority of buyers by showing it off in the best possible light. This is achieved my neutralizing and modernizing the spaces by furniture placement, lighting correction, accessorizing and other lifestyle selling techniques.

Sometimes all your property needs is some editing, and just by removing some items or moving things to different rooms and re-arranging the space, this can make a huge difference. I try to use your own things first before bringing in additional items. However, to achieve our goal, and if the space could use more modern accessories to make it "pop", or a perhaps a stand-out rug to define an area, or additional furniture items if the existing furniture is dragging down the look, I can help in all these situations. I have furniture for hire. I have built up a large inventory of quality contemporary furniture, rugs, lamps, cushions, artwork and other accessories to give your property the fresh modern look most buyers are looking for. Having my own inventory means that it cuts out the necessity of furniture hire from Sydney or Brisbane with its additional transport costs. In situations where it is called for, I am also able to source furniture from the major cities.

Whether your property is occupied, vacant, a new-build or a rental property, whether it has some furniture, no furniture or too much furniture - in any of these situations, I can help you get it looking its absolute best so buyers can make that emotional connection.

So instead of that almost permanent "For Sale" sign at the front - I say "LET'S SELL IT". Let me do my magic (it's really a combination of science and art) so we can see a"SOLD" sign on the lawn, and you can then move onto the next chapter of your life.

When a house sits on the market too long, it goes stale, and what happens next - the price is reduced and sometimes reduced AGAIN. As we say in the home staging industry - "AN INVESTMENT IN STAGING YOUR PROPEERTY IS MUCH LESS THAN A PRICE REDUCTION". You can expect a ROI of up to 500% e.g. $1000 investment in staging can bring a return of $5000. Statistics show that when a house is correctly priced, the presentation i.e. staging or showcasing, vastly improves the chances of a good offer. It doesn't matter whether your house is on the market for $150,000, $350,000, $750,000 or over $2 mil, it has been proven that staging works and can make all the difference in the time it takes to sell, and the price you can achieve.

1) Phone to book a consultation and receive a room-by-room written report
2) Preparation work to be done as set out in the report
3) I'll come in to showcase your property to make it stand out from the rest.

My goal is to get you to sell your house quickly and maximize your profits

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