Angie Athanasakos CCSP®
Staging Consultant

Located In: Bolton, ON

Servicing: Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Aurora, New Market, Markham North, Stouffville, King City, Bolton, Caledon, Kleinburg, Maple, Concord, Vaughn, Woodbridge

Additional Services: Colour Consulations, Staging/Showcasing Vacant Properties, Staging Consulations, Staging/Showcasing Occupied Properties

Cell: 416 725 1785

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Are potential buyers not appreciating your house? Are they not falling in love with your space? Let 180┬░ Staging and Design turn that around for you.
Hi Everyone! I am Angie Athanasakos and I am a Certified Staging Specialist. My team and I are committed to helping you maximize the value of your real estate investment. We know what it takes to evoke the right emotion from a potential buyer. We know what it takes to make a room shine!
Give us a call.... because it's about lifestyle, not just space!

Staging.....what is it exactly?!

By now most of us have heard of the term. All anyone has to do is turn on their local home reno network and there you have it! I`ve lost count of the endless supply of "update and sell" type of shows one encounters daily! Now along with this influx of information readily available, comes some confusion as to what staging really is! Well, let me start off by stating that staging is NOT decorating! That`s right, NOT decorating! Infact, it is quite the opposite of decorating. Decorating personalizes a space, whereas staging, removes personal style altogether. When a professional stager is finished with a space it should speak to a variety of styles and tastes. It should evoke emotions from a wide range of potential buyers. A professional stager should be able to create a room that showcases both its spaciousness and function while allowing for a more interpretive style! This is where the 180┬░Staging and Design team comes in. This is what we do and we do it best!

Do I REALLY need to stage?

Yes you do...or not! If you don't, you are simply helping the staged properties in your neighbourhood sell faster! At the end of the day it is your call. But, let me take this opportunity to tell you why it is in your best interest to at the very least consider it.

The goal of staging is to sell the house in the shortest time for the most money! I use this statement as a reminder to agents, homeowners and professional stagers alike, at the end of the day we are all batting for the same team! It has been noted that more people come through a house the first 5 to 10 days it is on the market than any other period. Most potential buyers take between 3 to 6 minutes to view a house and decide whether this house could be a fit for them. Which means what? First impressions really do count! In business image is everything and let's face it, the minute a house is placed on the market, that homeowner is officially in business! They are now selling a product. Perhaps the biggest investment in their portfolio. It is in their best interest to do it better than the competitor down the street. How does this happen? By adding "added value" to the property. A professional stager is equipped to provide cost effective budget-driven projects that can clarify a home's style and enhance its curb appeal. A house that is "move-in" ready has "added value". Statistics show that people are willing to pay a little more knowing that on moving day all they need to do is hire a moving company!

To my clients and friends....

...I leave you with this thought. When you made the decision to put your home on the market, you undoubtedly decided to close one chapter in your life and you are now en route to writing the next one. You owe it to yourself to move forward knowing all the sacrifices you made in the last chapter will now pay off. You deserve to reap the benefits. Doesn't it make sense to take that one last step to ensure you have the highest return possible on your investment? Afterall, staging is much less costly than a "reduced price" sign on your front lawn!!

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