Lori Howard CCSP®
Staging Consultant, Mentor

Located In: Bolton, ON

Servicing: Toronto, Etobicoke, Bolton, Caledon, Gta

Additional Services: Home Staging Consultation, Pre-staging Prep Work, Staging, Open House Preparation, Colour Consultations, Interior Decorating, Redesign, Move in Services, Curb Appeal, Exterior Colour Consultations and Model Home Decor.

Phone: 416 557 7903

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Hope Designs is Toronto's Premier Home Staging and Interior Decorating Team.

Welcome to Hope Designs:

Welcome to Hope Designs Toronto’s premier Home Staging and Interior Decorating team;
Where unsurpassed style and a commitment to customer service meets affordability and professional results!
If you are selling your home or looking to update your current living space, we have a customized service that will suit your needs.
Whether you are decorating, renovating or just dreaming about the possibilities; Hope Designs can help. We invite you to gain inspiration for your next home project by exploring our website, which highlights many of Hope Designs recent projects and available home furnishings.
Please contact info@hopedesigns.ca to book a consultation that will get you started on your “vision".
Serving the Greater Toronto Area.


Hope Designs offers the following services to assist you when staging or decorating your home:

Home Staging Consultation
Hope Designs conducts a thorough assessment of your home and with careful attention to detail and a “buyer’s eye” gives you recommendations, suggestions and advice on how to best market your home and make it more appealing to a wide variety of buyers.
Hope Designs will recommend paint colours, furniture placement, and if necessary refer trades people for minor repairs to help SELL YOUR HOUSE quickly.
We encourage you to take notes and in addition leave you with our 14 page "ready to list” handbook.

Pre-staging Prep Work
You can perform the required tasks yourself, or you may prefer to have some assistance from Hope Designs with your staging project.
This may include assistance with de-cluttering, packing and referrals to trades people for painting, minor renovations and repair work necessary to get your home in tip-top shape and ready to list. Hope Designs warehouses a full selection of home accessories and available home furnishings to showcase your home to its fullest potential.

We expertly stage homes to achieve the highest return on investment in the shortest period of time.
We showcase your home to highlight its best features and unique selling points. We utilize many of your existing furnishings and combine them with our rental accessories, bedding and artwork to give your home a “model home” look that buyers will find irresistible.
Home buyers make up their minds within minutes of viewing a house, make every second count!

Open House Preparation
Before your first open house, call the Hope Designs team! We will prepare your home and showcase it to perfection to ensure that it “up-stages" the competition.
“You only get one chance to make a great first impression!”

Colour Consultations
Hope designs knows Colour!
Colour can have the biggest impact and is the most important accessory in your homes decor; however it often goes overlooked because of people’s reservations. Hope designs has helped hundreds of satisfied customers find just the right tone or shade to compliment their interiors.

Interior Decorating
Know the look that you want, but are unsure of what choices to make? We are here to help.
Let Hope Designs help to take the guesswork out of decorating your home. Starting with a consultation to explore colour and furniture options and furniture placement. We can also take you on a personal shopping expedition to assist you with accessorizing, the FUN but often daunting part of decorating!

YOUR home - YOUR stuff - OUR ideas
Hope Designs will give you a unique twist on furniture layout, accessorizing and artwork. Utilizing many of your existing furnishings and accessories-a great environmentally friendly and cost efficient way of decorating!

Move in Services
If you find yourself overwhelmed after moving in to your new home we are here to help. Hope Designs will work with you to help choose paint colours, furniture and accessories to make your new house feel like “home”!

Curb Appeal
Give buyers a reason to tour through your home. A few simple cost effective upgrades can turn “For Sale into SOLD”.
You will be amazed at the difference a few minor changes or additions can make in your homes overall first impression and how much more welcoming your home will appear to potential buyers; it is like putting out a "welcome mat” for buyers.
Potential buyers don’t want to buy a property that looks like it needs work. If your yard needs some attention, or the outside of the house needs small repairs, homebuyers are going to think your house comes with a lot of effort and upkeep. Don’t give buyers any excuses to pass your house by.

Exterior Colour Consultations
The exterior of your home is extremely important and can make the difference between “FOR SALE” and “SOLD”. Hope Designs will assist you in choosing the perfect colour combinations for your homes exterior.

Model Home Decor
From conception to completion we will see the job through, so that your homes are showcased to perfection and ready for buyers.

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