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Servicing: Sault Ste. Marie And Algoma District

Additional Services: Licensed Real Estate Sales Representative - Green Apple Realty 343 Trunk Road Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 3S9 705-450-6770

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Home staging has become a widely used marketing tool in the real estate industry and has been a proven way to help a house sell faster and for more money. It involves more that just de-cluttering and packing away personal items, which is what many think home staging is. The goal of a well staged home is that it appeal to a broad range of potential buyers but at the same time target a specific market lifestyle. It doesn't have to be extensive, sometimes just a simple furniture rearrangement will do the trick and the majority of the time I can accomplish my staging goals using what homeowner already has.

Please visit the Canadian Home Staging Professionals website for more information on how home staging can benefit you.



78% of a buyer's decision about a house is already made before they actually see it - based on location, size and price. So the first impression is crucial as it will impact whether or not your property will be the one that stands out as the one they see their family living in. Remember, your house is only one of many that a buyer is viewing and a well staged home can put it at the top of their list!


Staging your home is more of an investment than an expense as a well staged home will sell quicker, closer to asking price and usually helps avoid the dreaded price-reduction, which is ocurring more and more often lately.

Step 1 - THE CONSULTATION - $250.00 Includes complete written report of recommendations.

Step 2 - THE RECOMMENDATIONS - this can be done by either the homeowner, JEM Home Staging or a contractor of your choice.

Step 3 - STAGING THE PROPERTY - this is showcasing the property for Real Estate pictures and to enhance selling features of the home. Cost varies, depending on square footage and man-hours involved. You can do this step yourself, based on recommendations from the consultation but as a Certified Staging Professional, I've been trained how to redesign and stage a house in ways that just can't be shared in the the list of recommendations.

Also, many items purchased (if any) to showcase your home, can be taken with you to your new home as part of it's new decor.

Please call me for a more detailed explanation of services and how I could work with you and your budget.

FREE Staging Package!

I'm also a licensed Realtor, so as an added bonus ... I offer a FREE staging package to anybody that lists their home with me. This would include the CONSULTATION and any recommendations that I would have to get your house ready for showings and real estate pictures. The great majority of buyers do their house hunting on-line and the quality and quantity of pictures can determine how many people will be interested enough to go see it. Call me for a no-obligation appointment to see how I can be of assistance to you to get your home sold faster and for more money.

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