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Servicing: Niagara Region Including Grimsby, Vineland, Beamsville, Jordan, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-lake, Welland, Fonthill, Fenwick, Pelham And Surrounding Areas

Additional Services: Organizing, colour consultations, & personal shopping

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Mara Snider and New Leaf Designs can help to give your properties a competitive edge in today's market. By identifying and highlighting the key selling features, New Leaf Designs can help to sell your properties quickly and for the best possible price.

When turning over a New Leaf in the real estate market, let Mara Snider and New Leaf Designs help you to make it as green as possible!

The Real Estate market is changing and a key component of that change is HOME STAGING.

While a relatively new concept to some areas, Home Staging is today where Home Inspections were 20 years ago. Staging has been used throughout the United States for several years and is now becoming a major force, revolutionizing the way Real Estate is being sold in Canadian markets.

All houses WILL sell, the questions are "WHEN" and "FOR HOW MUCH". Home Staging helps to minimize how long it takes to sell a property and maximize the selling price.

What exactly IS Home Staging?

Home Staging is MUCH more than simply cleaning and decluttering.

A professional Home Stager works with homeowners and Real Estate Representatives to highlight and enhance a property's key selling features and to help sell a property quickly and for the most money possible.

Staging is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Completing the actual work
Step 3: Showcasing

NOTE: Step 2 can be done either by the homeowner or with the assistance of contracted services.

Home Staging helps to make a property appeal to as many buyers as possible and creates the desired "feeling" specific to each individual home.

Home Staging is NOT about hiding flaws or using decorating smoke and mirrors to camouflage all that is wrong with a property. In fact, Certified/Canadian Staging Professionals are bound by a strict code of conduct and like Real Estate Representatives, are accountable for any misrepresentation.

Who benefits from Home Staging?

Home Staging actually offers advantages for everyone involved in the transaction.

As a HOMEOWNER, STAGING can help you to sell your house as quickly as possible and maximize the equity in what is probably your biggest financial asset.

No one likes having to live in a state of "open house" readiness. If you stage your house, you will be able to sell it faster and get on with living your life and planning for your future (hopefully--with extra money in the bank)!!

In a hot real estate market, Staging can make your house stand out and possibly even encourage multiple offers. In a slow market, Staging helps your house to stand out from all the others and to be the ONE that gets the offer!

POTENTIAL PURCHASERS of a STAGED home can rest assured that all major issues have been identified and addressed. Living in a "show ready" home is not comfortable. Therefore, if a house has been Staged, you know that the sellers mean business and are open for offers.

Today's buyers are more educated than those of years gone by; they know what they are looking for and are actually willing to pay extra for a property that is "move in" ready. A Staged property is just that---"move in" ready.

Even REAL ESTATE REPRESENTATIVES benefit from working with a Professional Stager.

A "Staged" home allows for better photos, easier marketing and increased interest and activity from potential buyers. Basically, Staged homes show better and sell more quickly and for more money.

Staging can bring something positive to everyone involved in the process of buying/selling a home!

How much does STAGING cost?

Regardless of the price, it is almost guaranteed that the cost of staging will be less than the initial price decrease on a property!

Consultations (step 1 of the three step process) range from $175-250.00 and include a complete viewing of the property and a written report listing all recommendations.
A general rule is that 1-3% of the list price should be spent on Staging and updating your home.

The goal of New Leaf Designs is to work, whenever possible, with a homeowner's existing furnishing and accessories. Although furniture rental is definitely an option (and a service provided), it is often an unnecessary and avoidable expense.

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