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Minneapolis, MN, September 03, 2010 Christine Rae President of CSP International™ is pleased to announce Lynelle Hartman will lead CSP in their North America Market Operations for EcoLiving and Eco Certification Training Programs.

CSP International™ Business Training Academy, revered as the global premier staging training company (CSP) heard Friday, July 30th, 2010 that well known Mid West-based stager, Lynelle Hartman of LH2 Enterprises accepted a position as Vice President of this new division. The decision came just before the 2010 Shaklee Convention in Los Angeles; Shaklee is the selected provider to CSP International™ for Green living products. Rae said, “We truly believe this is a formula to help get the economy moving; Shaklee has the market cornered in the four major growth industries. We believe they all go hand in hand with having a successful staging business: Health, Anti Aging, environmentally safe cleaning products and weight management Real estate staging was recently the #1 job on CNN top seven desired jobs.

It is in the implementation and growth of these eco-based programs where Hartman will demonstrate her strongest assets. Team building, management and on-going relationships are where she built her reputation with clients, real estate professionals and industry insiders. Rae and Hartman have been involved in the staging industry since its infancy; they have now expanded their commitment to homes and family well beyond staging for re-sale.

Through programs and education CSP International™ Academy will present the vision: a healthier home, healthier body and healthier world. Hartman and Rae know and believe the changes made in the home have an impact which extends well beyond the physical space. The ripple effect creates positive changes in the economy, people, neighborhoods, communities, and the world thereby creating a healthier planet for all.

Last year the CSP International™ partnership with the Live Green, Live Smart Institute began its slow and steady growth across North America. This year CSP International™ Academy will continue to expand the Certified Eco Professional designation to additional markets while adding consumer education as to why green consciousness is important not just to their business, but to the local markets and the world at large.

Hartman’s role will focus on Why the need to raise eco-awareness, How to make healthier choices for our homes, workplaces and families, What it takes to do so and Where to locate products, services and professionals to assist you in the process. Making green choices benefits everyone; Hartman, Rae and the Academy want to provide people with the tools to create and sustain a healthier lifestyle for themselves and the planet. CSP International™ Academy’s ‘pay it forward’ philosophy seeks to help businesses grow and succeed. One of the goals is to present opportunities to build or add revenue- helping bridge the economic gap for many industry entrepreneurs.

While Hartman will continue to help manage and operate her Minneapolis, Minnesota based company LH2 Enterprises, with her business partner Leigh Hagen, she is already interviewing and seeking out Certified EcoProfessional (CEP) trainers from outside the staging industry. If you are interested in joining the CSP International™ CEP instructor team, please contact Lynelle HartmanLynelle@CSPIacademy.com or call 1 888 STAGING.


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Last year I enrolled in a staging program which was very widely advertised and cost a little less than the CSP 3 Day Course. You know that saying “You get what you pay for”…?

I am an alumni of Certified Staging Professional. I would like to express my thanks to Nairn Friemann (CSP® Instructor), and CSPI™ Business Training Academy taught at Purchase College, NY for the opportunity of partaking in their three day home staging course last year.

This year, I enrolled in the course again as a refresher, and …

I am new to the Home Staging business. I had originally taken another Home Staging course and received their certification. However, my experience was very disappointing…

I don’t know where to start. It was a fantastic class; it was such a pleasure to meet Christine and Lynelle…It was a lot of information in 3 days! I am happy and thrilled that I took this class – Thanks to everbody for their help!! Sincerely, Mira B. Mississauga, ON

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