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Before and After Staging Gallery !

To illustrate just how Staging works we have gathered some before and after photos for you to compare. Put yourself as the buyer, and remember this is not decorating, the changes sometimes are subtle and the furniture at times may be the same, however the differences will get results and earn the homeowner a sale.

Bathroom - Before and Afters

Buyers should see the bathroom as spa-like, clean, and functionable.

Curb Appeal - Before and Afters The dining room should feel spacious. A place a buyer could see entertaining his guests for dinner.
Kids Room - Before and Afters Even kids rooms need to be Staged. Here are some wonderful samples of how a child's room can be Staged.
Kitchen - Before and Afters One of the highest selling features of a home on the market is the kitchen. They should be orgranized, clean and updated.
Living Room - Before and Afters Most families spend 80% of their home time in this room. It should feel comfortable, cozy, functionable and great for entertaining.
Master Bedroom - Before and Afters

This room should project 'private, relaxing and comfort'.

Vacants - Before and Afters Staging a vacant shows the buyer what the room could look like or function like when furnished.
Curb Appeal - Before and Afters The buyer forms an opinion of the home's condition within seconds of seeing the outside of the house.
Miscellaneous - Before and Afters