CSP™ Convention 2009
April 22nd to 26th, 2009

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Micheal Hinton Workshop
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CSP™ Convention is an industry leading event designed to empower the CSP™ community, their partnerships and the staging industry as a whole.

With EDUCATION, NETWORKING and MOTIVATION in mind, CSP™ chooses dynamic, engaging, high profile keynote speakers, experienced industry leaders and quality preferred pricing partners to collectively ignite a powerful event every home staging consultant attendee will not want to miss.

Participants leave feeling empowered, educated on industry projection of staging trends, new industry developments, marketing edge opportunities and proven business tools to move their home staging business forward.




Miriam Muley Ann Maurice Michael Hinton Donna Messer Verl Workman
Miriam Muléy
CEO, The 85% Niche
Ann Maurice
British TV's House Doctor
Michael Hinton
VP Coaching and Training
Donna Messer
Professional Networking
Verl Workman
Trainer, Consultant
L.Frankie Cameron Bob Koehler Tara Savelle Margit Novack Josh Jaeger
L. Frankie Cameron
NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer
Bob Koehler
Vice President of Enthusiasm
Tara Savelle
Certified Staging Professional
Margit Novack
Senior Move Management
Josh Jaeger
Business Relationship Builder
Jackson West        
Jackson West
Strategies for staging small spaces