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2008 – 2009 CSP™ Awards
Toronto Canada

April 23-25  2009

Submit your company's Application NOW don't wait.

All applications are considered confidential - only judges will review.

The application package must be typewritten in 12-point type and shall not exceed 10 single-sided pages, double spaced.
Up to five extra pages of attachments, media clippings, etc., may be submitted.

No videos or products will be accepted.

Three bound copies of the completed application package must be provided.

Materials will not be returned unless requested and at your expense.

Incomplete or late applications will automatically be disqualified.

Once judging is finalised submissions will be shredded.

The judges will look for a great business model, initiative, determination and resilience.

Company Nominations & Applications:

Be succinct in your submission however include:

arrowr  The deadline for all submissions is MARCH 30th, 2009  arrowl

To Download a Nomination form Click Here...


1. CSP™ Real Estate Staging Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Year;

Recognizing individual CSP™ entrepreneurs for achievements during the
eligibility period recipient will be an individual who has maintained
management excellence over a sustained period of time. The business must have
been founded more than two years and the founder, must still be active in the
management of the business. Recipient earns his/her primary income from the
business, is responsible for its day–to–day management, and is a model of
entrepreneurship. Show a minimum 30% increase, or higher in sales and profits,
for each of the past two years. Recipient will demonstrate clear vision, plan for
success, and what they have learned from overcoming obstacles and mistakes.

2. CSP™ Most Promising – Rising Star Award:

Awarded to CSP™ who can support outstanding accomplishments in the past and
present and has the vision and plans to lead their company to success in the near future.
The recipient has a comprehensive business plan, and is ready for the next–stage of growth.
Criteria: Nominees must be in continued leadership of a registered business for
no less than 6 months, with a month over month sales and profit increase.

3. CSP™ Green Bud Business Award of the Year:

The Green Bud Award is intended to recognize a person or business that has
made an effort to significantly improve and protect our environment by
implementing green practices. The recipient will also demonstrate how it
impacts other local businesses to alter their practices to ensure the sustainability
of both our environment and economy.

4. CSP™ Mentor of the Year:

Recognizing the individual who provided the best support and guidance to other
CSP™s in business during the eligibility period.

5. CSP™ Best Overall Company of the Year:

Recognizing business owner for their accomplishments during the eligibility
period. The recipient will have applied practical, innovative and market-oriented
approach to his or her business. Then through innovation, strategic thinking and
smart execution, built a successful company with a track record of growth and
profitability. This pre–eminent entrepreneur is positioned well for the future and
can demonstrate the drive, managerial acumen and leadership traits which have
guided the business success. Demonstrates high standards and best practices.

6. CSP™ Trailblazer Company of the Year:

Recognizing business that demonstrated extraordinary growth in sales during
the eligibility period from the year. The recipient will have shown exemplary
management excellence over a sustained period of time, making him/her a trailblazer.

7. CSP™ Business Turnaround of the Year:

Recognizing business that demonstrated a financial or other operational
turnaround during the eligibility period from the year prior. This entrepreneur
has successfully overcome obstacles and capitalized on opportunities to deliver
10% or more growth year over year for more than three years. Through
expanded management, empowered employees, and demonstrated excellence,
she has created a flexible and responsive business that is able to adapt to
changing market environments and exploit opportunities for continued growth.

8. CSP™ Community Involvement Program of the Year:

Recognizing best practices in community involvement and corporate social
responsibility activities during the eligibility period.

9. CSP™ Marketing Campaign of the Year:

Recognizing excellence in marketing by a CSP™ during the eligibility period.

10. Blog of the Year:

Recognizing excellence in individual or company blogs. There is no eligibility
period requirement for this category.

To Download a Nomination form Click Here...