Communicate Value: Four Benefits of Working With a Home Staging Professional

As a home staging professional, one of the challenges you face on a regular basis is convincing prospective clients that hiring you is a good investment. Of course, we know that it is—and we have seen the studies which convincingly prove staging a property increases its value significantly. But convincing prospects to invest in your services is still a challenge. Fundamentally, it comes down to this: you must convince a prospective client that the value you provide is worth more than your cost. To that end, here are four important benefits you need to convey to prospective clients:

1)     Hiring a home stager increases sales price. This is the big one—and it’s the point that must be conveyed clearly. Study after study shows that staged properties sell for more money than comparable homes that have not been staged. If you’d like specific surveys or information to distribute, get in touch with us today!

2)     Hiring a home stager decreases time on the market. For many sellers, selling quickly is almost as important as selling for top dollar. Sellers are often relocating for family or career reasons, and don’t want to drag the process out longer than necessary. Convey to your prospects that your services will help them sell their house quickly.

3)     Hiring a home stager means letting someone else handle the details. Selling a home can be overwhelming, and your prospects have plenty of details to manage already. For them to be able to relax and trust a professional to give a property buyer appeal great is invaluable—make sure you emphasize this benefit!

4)     Hiring a home stager provides an unbiased perspective. Working with a professional home stager ensures the property is evaluated from a neutral perspective. Homeowners simply can’t evaluate their home objectively after having grown attached to it. Most of them will appreciate this reality—so explain by working with you, they can rest assured  a professional will make the necessary changes in order to maximize the value and buyer appeal of the home.

As a professisonal stager, it is up to you to persuade your prospective clients of the value your services provided. Each of these four benefits are worth articulating to prospects—so incorporate them in to your “value pitch.” If you’d like to learn more about marketing your home staging business, please get in touch with us today!


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