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This is not a typical discount or coupon deal. Many people who are in the market to sell their home are in dire straights with today’s saturated market and tightened credit qualifications. With real estate prices and market trends as they are, sellers run a serious risk of suffering a loss at the closing table, after long periods of time trying to sell their home. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By investing a small amount of money, up front, for a professional home staging company, the perceived value of your home increases – driving a faster sale, with a price that’s closer to what you’re asking. Let’s get specific.

CSP International™ philosophy is to always look at home staging from the business perspective. Graduates care significantly, analyzing the real estate market and factoring it into the equation, for every client to position the property for a successful sale. A recent study by HomeGain illustrated the average cost investments of certain home staging projects, and the subsequent return of that expense, once the home sold.

Among other savvy tools for home staging, the study took a look at costs related to clearing space. The average cost for moving extra furniture, kitchen countertop appliances and abundant accessories into a storage unit is $290.00. However, this study showed the return on investment (ROI) once the home sold was about 586 %!

Once you’ve cleared extra items away, consider toning down your personal touches. For example, pack away the family photos, the children’s artwork from the fridge and bulletin boards. The purpose is to make the space move in ready in order to secure a fast sale at a high price. Prospective buyers have a difficult time envisioning themselves living in your house if they don’t have kids, or if they are highly organized people.

Another great way of minimizing personal style is to repaint walls with bold colors, with more neutral tones like beige, taupe or honey. The cost of painting, depending on the size of your home, can vary. However, the study indicates the average cost was $1,012, with a  ROI of 109%. The home sellers surveyed all received the costs of painting their home back when they sold the house to their buyers. Even more promising – we found that showcasing the home with targeted and, inviting bedding, diverse furnishings and accessories is about $550 in costs, with a 299% return! If these simple efforts will more than reimburse the costs, we say that’s a great deal.

The key to success with these money saving methods is to put the money in the right places. CSP’s know how to maximize budget for the highest return.  How well will your property compete with the house down the street? By staging your property with the help of a professional home stager, buyers are able to envision their lives within the rooms of your space. From there, it is just one decision away from a signed contract! Staging your property with a certified staging professional is the best investment you can make in the journey of securing a buyer for your property.

Work with a Certified Staging Professional to gain The Sellers Edge™   Find a stager near you at .

If you are searching for your dream job, we encourage you to start your own business. Don’t leave your future in the hands of another person – embrace a life of entrepreneurship, in which you can be your own boss. Real Estate staging is one of the fastest growing industries, but good business training is essential for success. To learn the essentials for building a profitable, professional home staging business, go to or call 1-888-STAGING.


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Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a trainee in CSP’s intensive three-day staging training workshop with Nairn Friemann in New York City…

I don’t know where to start. It was a fantastic class; it was such a pleasure to meet Christine and Lynelle…It was a lot of information in 3 days! I am happy and thrilled that I took this class – Thanks to everbody for their help!! Sincerely, Mira B. Mississauga, ON

I am an alumni of Certified Staging Professional. I would like to express my thanks to Nairn Friemann (CSP® Instructor), and CSPI™ Business Training Academy taught at Purchase College, NY for the opportunity of partaking in their three day home staging course last year.

This year, I enrolled in the course again as a refresher, and …

I had heard great things about the organization by alumni as well as have had great discussions and assistance from Liz and Linda. They have always been there to answer any and all my questions, they are polite and super efficient…

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